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The Marvel Universe – II

An Invitation to
a Gnostic & Evolutionary World View

Movie review of Infinity War and Endgame in the Avengers series
Elizabeth A. Lozowski
marvel universe

A Marvel Universe of superheroes is
an unreal, dangerous world

The false heroes of the Marvel Universe live in a false universe that easily seduces people to accept revolutionary theories of evolution and gnostic principles. At the beginning of Infinity War, a hero companion of Doctor Strange states:

“At the dawn of the universe, there was nothing. Then, Big Bang sent six elemental crystals hurtling across the virgin universe. These infinity stones each control an essential aspect of existence: Space, reality, power, soul, mind and time.”

The infinity stones, as the viewer learns in Guardians of the Galaxy, were forged by the “Cosmic Entities” whose members are death, eternity, entropy and infinity. Fandom, a website for fans to broadcast their obsession with modern films, explains with all seriousness the whole Marvel Universe to ardent students of this Gnostic Religion:

“Entropy came into being at the beginning of the time along with his father, Eternity. Entropy's purpose is destruction: this drive pits him in a constant struggle with Eternity, whose goal is creation. Together they keep the cycles of creation and destruction in balance.”

infinity stones

The infinity stones control aspects of existence; below, Dr. Strange wields the 'Time Stone'

dr strange
Additionally; “Infinity represents all space in the universe. Infinity and Eternity are in constant competition with Death, who attempts to reduce life while Infinity and Eternity expand life. She is the sister of Eternity.”

What we have is a gnostic and evolutionary world, which the avid movie-goer is accepting as reality. The Marvel Universe runs on a Yin-Yang theory where there is an evil darkness and a good light, both equally strong. The good must continually fight against the darkness without achieving perfect victory in a constant struggle to maintain balance in the universe.

Already, we can see that this universe conflicts with our Catholic Faith, which teaches us that there is one Supreme Good who punishes evil and rewards good. Our Triune God is master of the Universe He created.

This gnostic notion of good gods and bad gods, a perversion of reality, is extremely dangerous to young minds, especially the youth of today who lack a strong Catholic formation.

Convergence in the Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe also contains an event known as the Convergence. We return to Fandom, which explains it with gravity – as if this Convergence were a reality – as follows:

“Earth is one of the Nine Realms. As a result, it is known to experience a cosmic phenomenon known as the Convergence every 5,000 years, by which the spatial boundaries between the worlds, on certain locations around the planet, would cease to exist due to the appearance of wormholes. The planet has experienced several of these events, which caused ancient civilizations and tribes to construct objects such as the Stonehenge to mark the location of the event.”


A portal opens during convergence in an episode; below, young fans wholeheartedly accept the Marvel reality

These are not just harmless musings about a fictional world. It is a theory that many persons actually believe, even if they realize that the Marvel Universe is fake. People who immerse themselves in this world are being taught to believe that the real universe is similar to the Marvel Universe, only we have not developed the technology or encountered the aliens who could help us to resolve our problems or fully understand our universe. But should such technology be developed or aliens appear, they are ready to accept them.

Why? Because according to this theory, being fueled by science fiction, humans are not alone in the universe. Man must realize that there are other beings out there, good and bad aliens. Many theories of modern science actually seem to confirm this myth.

For example, scientists have studied Einstein’s mathematical equations to “discover” wormholes, which they define as tunnels through gravity that connect space-time and could permit a different type of space travel. Now this theory says nothing about how humans were created. There is something ingenious in this, for it allows naïve Catholics to claim that there is room for God in the Marvel Universe.

In fact, in the first Avengers movie, Captain America says: “There is only one God, ma’am, and I am pretty sure that he does not dress like that” (referring to Thor, the Norse god of Thunder). The naïve Catholic uses this statement to prove that the Marvel Universe does not reject God and, therefore, he can accept this fantastical world.

The next step is to start to imagine that there could actually be a real world of Marvel someday in the future. The spiraling process continues: Soon he starts to believe that the Marvel Universe really does exist, that aliens are real and that they could be good.

skrulls and Krees

The Krees and reptilian Skulls are realistically presented as two warring alien races

Indeed, the head of the Vatican observatory, Jesuit Fr. José Funes, stated that if aliens were to exist, they should be treated as “extraterrestrial brothers.” And Pope Francis declared that he would baptize an alien if it came to Earth. So, we can see that even Church authorities are promoting, either knowingly or not, the fictional universe of Marvel.

In the next article I will look at the plot of Avengers: Infinity War and the solution presented for the problems of the modern world.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 9, 2019
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