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Aliens, Picasso & Cardinal Dolan

Flying Saucers

Dear TIA Staff,

I'd like to offer a comment about the approval of aliens by these conciliar popes. It is just one more example of how deviously they work hand in hand with the masons and new world order elites.

Here's why: Since the end of WWII the scientific/military community has developed flying saucers. The German scientist Karl Schappler first invented them. At the same time there was a disinformation campaign telling everyone that little green men flew those things. Nothing is further from the truth. Aviators man them. They will be used as a deception to convince mankind to submit to higher order "invisible" beings.

Do you doubt it? There have been many U.S. patents given for such flying devices.

When it comes to "higher invisible beings" I prefer our Lord Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother to rescue me. I submit to them.

      Keep up the good fight,


Picasso's Self-Portrait

Dear TIA,

Self portrait of Pablo Picasso
Enclosed is a little piece about the self-portrait of Pablo Picasso, shortly before his death. The mad-man of Cubism, seemed to have a fairly accurate idea of what his future might be.


Picasso’s last painting
A self-portrait of his fate

The master painter who, with Salvator Dali, Fernand Léger, and poets André Breton, Paul Eluard and Tristan Tsara created the Dadaism movement appears to have an accurate view of where he might end-up.

This dreadful self-portrait was made a short time before his death.


B-16's Visit to Communist Cuba


Once again, as usual, TIA hit the bulls eye in your analysis of B16's recent visit, during Passion Week at that, to Communist Cuba. Communism in whatever form it has taken, is taking or will take issues forth from the Talmud and is Rabbinic Mysticism.

It is not the place for the occupant of the Chair of St. Peter to go and visit the sworn enemies of Jesus and His Church. It was wrong to put on public display big bear hugs and "making nice-nice" with those using the visit to further their aims. That aim, thanks to ecumenism, is to absorb the Church some day into something much larger than herself to the point that she will not function as Jesus intended.

The one thought that came to me watching the coverage was an encounter the late Thomas Merton had at the airport before he left to visit Buddhist monasteries in the far East. He was approached by some young Marxists who said, "Well, Fr. Louis, with the end of Vatican ll, you must admit you are true Marxists, now." He paused briefly and said, "That's right." He of course died on his visit, while those who knew him were making bets as to whether or not he would embrace Buddhism on his trip.

      St. Anthony Mary Claret, pray for us


Immune System


I appreciate Lyle Arnold's article, 'Immune System under Attack' the review of Atila's book, because I remember Cardinal Suenens, and Lumen gentium and the double language it used. It always troubled me and I found it hard to understand the meaning of those documents. I liked especially these words:

"Such language appears to be a masterpiece of linguistic wordsmith. Woven like precious Flemish lace, with the inestimable threads of traditional doctrine's vocabulary, it nevertheless appears to reveal the specter of another mentality. Thus, Progressivism entered the official documents of the Magisterium with its head covered by the laced veil of the old traditional language" (MW, pp. 35-36).

The Belgian Cardinal Leo Jozef Suenens was a prime schemer who promoted the ambiguity of Vatican II. Caught up in Hegelian fervor, he attempts to combine the "two currents of thought" into a positive stratagem:

"There is in Ireland a place well-known to tourists, called the meeting of the waters. It is a valley in which two rivers impetuously clash against each other to form, downstream, only one river of calm waters. I offer you this metaphor as an invitation to carry out, in a fraternal dialogue, the marvelous symphony of Lumen gentium" (MW. p. 59).

Cardinal Suenens was a dominant voice at the Vatican II Council and a promoter of aggiornamento in the Church. I remember him as being very interested in the renewal of women's religious life.

What a disaster.


A Pope Can Undo Catholic Faith…


Regarding this posting Pius XI Refutes John Paul II's Ut Unum Sint

I have to say that a pope is NOT bound by his predecessors, as all popes are equal. An incumbent pope can overrule them. Therefore you should say that Bl. John Paul's Ut Unum Sint overrules Pius XI.


Leaving the Air Force


This news report was forwarded to me from a friend on my Catholic mailing list!

I have a good friend who is leaving the Air Force b/c he can no longer tolerate the gay overt sexuality that goes on in the military. He said it is like a gay orgy and he cannot stand it. So, a great officer is leaving and not looking back.

So sad,


Dolan & Obama


I was very disappointed with Cardinal Dolan's interview with Bill O' Reilly. When O’Reilly asked the Cardinal, if he would tell Catholics not to vote for Obama for President, he replied he would not !!!

I feel Cardinal Dolan missed a great teaching moment with his response. Was it not Catholics who put this monster into office with 54% of Catholics voting for Obama?

Was it not the failure of the Catholic Church as well their responsibility to warn the faithful from the pulpits across America that voting for a pro abortionist would be grave sin against our Lord and Catholic teaching?


Cristiada’s New Name


You featured someone's notification of a movie to be released about the early 1900's uprising against the Catholic Church in Mexico. The name of the movie was "Cristiada". Please note that the movie, featuring Andy Garcia, is to be released on June 1, 2012, but it has been renamed "The Greater Glory".

As the contributor indicated, it will be interesting to see if the movie is historically correct. One surprising cast member is Eva Longoria of desperate housewives, as she is always hosting President Obama and campaigns for his socialist causes. I hope this is not indicative that the movie may not fairly portray the Catholic cause these martyrs fought for, but is more of a testament to her not understanding the point behind the movie she is starring in.

Also, my husband and I rented "There Be Dragons" last weekend. Although a very touching movie about Josemaria Escriva. He was made larger than life by casting his character alongside a fictitious, jealous villain who was once a childhood friend. In the end Escriva appears to him as a boy as he is dying and confers to him that Our Lord has forgiven him. Although he struggled to conduct priestly duties in secrecy and made many kind gestures, there were no apparent reasons in the movie for Escriva's sainthood.

No true Saint should ever be portrayed with such false embellishments as the aforementioned movie did. I took comfort in remembering a movie I recently watched and still have recorded--"The Song of Bernadette", 1943, Jennifer Jones. There was a time in early Hollywood when they were respectful in the handling of such sacred subject matter.

Thank you and may you and your associates remain in the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 12, 2012

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