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Cristeros, Escrivá & Lefebvre

People Commenting
Friends and brother soldiers in Christ:

A new film soon to be released that tells a bit of CATHOLIC history? It could well be. No, Jewish-dominated Hollywood did not produce this one. As you know, Jewish-dominated Hollywood specializes in moral filth, lying propaganda, Holocaust propaganda and anti-Christian propaganda. This film, on the other hand, titled "Cristiada," comes to us from a Mexican film company and stars Cuban-American actor Andy Garcia.

It purports to tell the true story of the Cristeros (let us pray they tell the story truthfully) who, in the 1920s, bravely fought for the faith against the Masonic government which outlawed Catholicism, executed priests and persecuted the faithful.

Theirs was an inspiring story which ought to give courage to NORTH AMERICAN Catholics to take up the same struggle against the militant secularism/crypto-Judaic totalitarianism in our own country with the battle cry "AMERICA FOR CHRIST THE KING!"

For your information: Our first attempt to launch a Catholic Action movement here for the conversion of America was organized under the banner of "The North American Cristeros." That was in 1969, before the SSPX came to these shores.

Sadly, it was a short-lived undertaking. In 1997 we organized the League of Christ the King (LKC) with the same purpose in mind. And this Catholic Action apostolate, by the grace of God, is still functional despite Satan's ever attempt to destroy it. We credit our survival against the onslaught of hell with our faithful, wholehearted and uncompromising adherence to the mind and directives of the Magisterium. We welcome your inquiries and financial support of this great counter-revolutionary work (LKC handbook $6.95 + $3.50 P&H from CTC Books P.O. Box 678047, Orlando FL. 32867).

Check out the link for a 3-minute preview of the movie "Cristiada."

     Sincerely in Jesus our King and Mary our Queen,

     Hugh Akins
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Mystical Forces
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I was intrigued with the date defined to beatify Pope John Paul II. Why May first? To please the old communists?

Today, by searching for Schubert, the preferred composer of the Pope, I found this quotation that gives curious information: “According to Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, the first of May – the day following Walpurgis Night – is when the dark mystical forces are celebrated”.

This has a chance to be truth...

     H.S., Brazil
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Burning as Incense
People Commenting

To the protestant who wrote on March 24th that she was upset that Dr. Horvat stated that Catholics should not refer to protestants as Christians, I say that I concur wholeheartedly with Dr. Horvat. The best we could call protestants is pseudo-Christians.

The protestant wrote that works do not lead to salvation. I'd suggest that this person read the epistle of St. James ch. 2. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? The heretic Luther wanted to toss out this epistle because it contradicted his false teaching that faith alone would lead us to heaven. He called it a "straw epistle."

Although my memory of the pope may be incorrect (I believe it was Pope Pius XI), there is the story that a protestant minister came to him in audience and requested a blessing. The pope gave him the following blessing: "Ab illo benedicaris in cuius honore cremaberis. Amen." The priests in attendance had to suppress their amusement.

The minister being ignorant of Latin did not know that the pope had used the blessing of incense for the requested blessing of the protestant: "Mayest thou be blessed by Him in Whose honor thou art to be burnt. Amen."

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People Commenting
Dear Sir,

In your article about Fashion in ladies dress, the two illustrations showing XVIII century hussars are incorrect. The black and white engraving shows a French horseman, possibly a "Volontaire Breton", and the colored picture on the left is of a Prussian hussar, from the time of Frederic the Great, regiment number 7th, nicknamed the "Yellow Hussars".

     Yours sincerely.

     H.S., Cambridge, UK

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TIA responds:

Dear H.S.,

Thank you for your opportune and precise corrections.

The information on that page has been updated.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Smelling the Coffee
People Commenting
Tradition in Action,

In the article Benedict’s New Book Contradicts Church Teaching on Jews, Mr. Stabinski affirms:

"How then, can a Vicar of Christ make statements antithetical to the divinely ordained plan of God?"

Mr. Stabinski has asked this question before and apparently will continue to ask it until a building falls on him and he finally wakes up and smells the coffee. The answer he seeks is really not at all difficult to comprehend. Benedict Ratzinger and his immediate occupiers of the Chair of St Peter are not Vicars of Christ. They are anti-popes merely masquerading as Vicars of Christ. As the old saying goes: If walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

The coffee has been brewing for 50 years, Mr. Stabinski. Pour yourself a cup.

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Women Soldiers
People Commenting

So, so mad, decided to share my anger. I just read an indignant letter to the editor in our local paper (The Daily Caller) from a woman soldier who is upset because she is supposed to wear a headscarf in Afghanistan. She wants to wear her helmet, not a hijab.

Sorry, dear, no sympathy from our home quarters. The easy solution - women shouldn't be soldiers in the first place. It's just one more example of why you should not be toting a gun alongside men. Let the men be men, and be what God made you, a woman.

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Escrivá’s Doctrine
People Commenting
Dear Brothers,

Please take a look at this video footage:

Real video footage: St. Josemaria Escriva tells a Jewish girl she "already has baptism of desire"

Very shocking stuff!

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Trying to Merge with Rome
People Commenting
Dear TIA

In your article Lefebvre's Proposal to Merge with Rome you invite your readers to assist in authenticating the letter reproduced on the Sodalitium website and said to have been written by Archbishop Lefebvre to John Paul II in December 1978.

I happen to have recently come into possession of a few copies of French magazine Itinéraires dating back to the 1970's, and I find that the letter in question was reproduced in edition No 233 of May 1979. The date of the letter is shown there as 24 December 1978.

I attach scans of the front cover and of pages 138 to 141, which appear to confirm the text published on the Sodalitium website.

I hope that this information provides the assistance you were looking for.

     In Christo et Maria

A French reproduction of Lefebvre's letter proposing to merge with Rome


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 7, 2011

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