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NEWS: September 19, 2022
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
SPEAKING NOT EX CATHEDRA BUT EX PYRAMIDE - When a Pope speaks officially as Vicar of Christ on matters of Faith and Morals, we Catholics say that he speaks ex cathedra, that is, he speaks from the Chair of St. Peter as universal Pastor of the Church to teach his flock on some dogma contained in Divine Revelation.

Last week we saw Pope Francis speaking from inside a pyramid built in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan as one of the Masonic symbols ex-president Nur-Sultan Nazarbayev placed in that city he constructed.

Interreligious meeting at Astana 2022 - 1

Francis at the interreligious round table in the pyramid,
with a background of the occult monuments of Astana

The pyramid, officially named the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, was designed to host meetings leading to a One World Religion. This was the purpose of the new President of the country Kassym Jomart Tokayev, a puppet of Nazarbayev, in hosting the 7th Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, held from September 14-15. It was from inside that pyramid that Francis delivered the speeches I will analyze.

Pope Bergoglio was indisputably the most important personality present. Shamefully, he subserviently complied with the agenda of the Congress and did not make any remark that could be understood as a promotion of the Catholic Faith.

Indeed, in his three main speeches – on September 13 in the Qazaq Concert Hall for the authorities; on the 14th in the pyramid, opening the Congress, and on the 15th also in the pyramid, closing it – he did not mention even once the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ – true God and true Man – of whom Francis should be the Vicar on earth.

The Congress Final Declaration

At the end, the 7th Congress of Religious Leaders issued a Declaration. After its official reading, Francis pronounced his closing speech. I will analyze some aspects of these two documents, which were meant to pass down into History.

The Final Declaration had two items particularly worthy of attention. In its Nos. 10 and 19 we read:

Interreligious meeting at Astana 2022 - 3

A representative reads the Final Declaration

10. We note that pluralism in terms of differences in skin color, gender, race, language and culture are expressions of the wisdom of God in creation. Religious diversity is permitted by God and, therefore, any coercion to a particular religion and religious doctrine is unacceptable.

19. We proceed from the immutable fact that the Almighty created all people equal, regardless of their racial, religious, ethnic or other affiliation or social status, therefore respect for each other and mutual understanding underpin all religious teaching. (L'Osservatore Romano, September 15, 2022, p. 7)

The affirmation in No. 10 that “it is unacceptable” for a Catholic to persuade others – which can be understood as “a coercion” – of the truth of the Catholic Church is tantamount to an apostasy of the Catholic Faith. It is also the denial of the Church’s Apostolic Mark as well as of her intrinsically militant character. In other words, it is an implicit affirmation that the Militant Church is dead.

The statement in No. 19 that “the Almighty created all people equal regardless of their religious affiliation, therefore respect for each other and mutual understanding underpin all religious teaching” is also frontally opposed to the bi-millennial Catholic Magisterium, which always held and taught that the Catholic Faith is the only true Faith. If this statement of No. 19 is accepted, every episode in Catholic History where the Faith was upheld and defended has been wrong, which is absurd. In other words, it is the denial of the entire Catholic past up to Vatican II, which is the denial of the Catholic identity.

These two statements did not meet any opposition from Pope Bergoglio. On the contrary, he endorsed them and took them to even more radical consequences in his final remarks at the Congress.

Francis' closing speech

Francis’ rhetoric went even further than the Declaration. Among other things he affirmed:

Interreligious meeting at Astana 2022 - 2

Francis speaking ex pyramide

  • In this regard, the Declaration of this Seventh Congress states that extremism, radicalism, the terrorism and every other incentive to hatred, hostility, violence and war, whatever their motivations or goals, have nothing to do with the authentic spirit of religion and must be rejected in the most decisive terms possible, condemned without “ifs” or “buts.”

  • Furthermore, based upon the fact that the Almighty created all persons equal, regardless of their religious, ethnic or social origin, we are agreed that mutual respect and understanding must be considered essential and indispensible in religious teaching.

  • Today I would like to say that man is also the path for all the religions. Yes, man, men and women, concrete human beings, weakened by the pandemic, worn out by war, wounded by indifference! The man, fragile and marvelous creature, who 'once God is forgotten are left in darkness' (Vatican II, Gaudium et spes, 36).

  • For all human beings, the great religious and wisdom traditions are called to testify to the existence of a common spiritual and moral patrimony founded on two hinges: transcendence and fraternity.

  • Instead, the ingrained attitudes of domination and exploitation, the hoarding of resources, the nationalism, war and carving out spheres of influence depict an older world that the youth reject, a world closed to their hopes and dreams. In the same way, rigid and repressive forms of religion belong not to the future but to the past. (L'Osservatore Romano, September 15, 2022, p. 8)
These remarks confirm that Pope Francis at Astana once again denied the doctrine of the Catholic Church in the following points:

Interreligious meeting at Astana 2022 - 4

The meeting table is shaped like a sun, showing the Zoroastrian influence in Kazakhstan; below, its sun-shape appears clearly in an overhead view

Interreligious meeting at Astana - 5
  • By not mentioning the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ before the ensemble of the false religions, he betrayed Him;

  • By not making any effort to bring the false religions to the Catholic Faith, he implicitly denied the Apostolicity of the Church;

  • By accepting the errors of the false religions, he denied the Orthodoxy of the Catholic Church;

  • By adopting the symbols and ideals of the enemies of the Church – mainly of Freemasonry – he denied the Militancy of the Church;

  • By accepting the false idea that all religions are good, he denied that the Catholic Faith is the only true Faith;

  • For the same reason, he also denied that the Catholic Church is the only way to eternal salvation;

  • By attacking radicalism and the strict observance of the Commandments of God and the Church, he denied the past spirituality of the Catholic Church, including the lives of all the Saints who were heroes in the battle against the world, the flesh and the Devil;

  • By condemning wars in general, he denied the glorious militant past History of the Church, including the Crusades, the religious wars against the Protestants in Europe, the Cristero War in Mexico, the Carlist War in Spain.

  • By denying all theses points, he denied the Catholic Identity and presented the Catholic Church with a face that is not her own, as the leader of a Panreligion without creed, dogmas and commandments.
In short, Pope Francis at Astana, speaking from inside its pyramid, could not be more like an Antichrist trying to lead the world onto the road of eternal perdition. The exact opposite of what a Pope should be and should do.

It is particularly pungent that his declarations were made only some days before the Feast Day of Our Lady of La Salette – today, September the 19th – when she warned the world that Rome would become the seat of the Antichrist.