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NEWS: August 31, 2020
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
TINY VIRUS, HUGE VIRUS - Pope Francis has inaugurated a series of reflections on the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the third of these meetings, on August 19, 2020, speaking to a handful of ecclesiastics in the Library of the Apostolic Palace, he pretended he was delivering a speech to a virtual General Audience, which he hoped would reach many Catholics online.

In that address Francis adopted, as he customarily does, the tenets of Liberation Theology and attacked Capitalism. The novelty was that he seemed to imply that the world must not declare that the pandemic is over until it destroys not only the tiny virus, Covid-19, but also the huge virus, which he identified as the “unjust” economic system that dominates the West, Capitalism.

FRancis delivering a virtual audience

Pope Francis delivering the speech analyzed in this article to a virtual General Audience

Actually, his words were:

“The response to the pandemic is therefore dual. On one hand, it is indispensable to find a cure for this small but terrible virus, which has brought the whole world to its knees. On the other hand, we have to cure the huge virus, that of social injustice, inequality of opportunities, marginalization and lack of protection for the weakest. In this dual response for healing there is a choice that, according to the Gospel, cannot be lacking, the preferential option for the poor. This is neither a political option, nor an ideological option nor party opinion. The preferential option for the poor is at the center of the Gospel.” (L’Osservatore Romano, daily Italian edition, August 20, 2020, p. 8; unless specified, other quotations in this article are from the same source)

So, the accusations are: Capitalism produces social injustices, inequality of opportunities, marginalization and lack of protection for the weak.

Further on, he added to this list the damages to ecology: “This normality [to which we should return after the pandemic] could not include social injustices and the degradation of the environment.”

Pope Bergoglio continued: We should have “an economy that does not resort to remedies that in reality poison society, such as profits not linked to the creation of dignified jobs. This type of profit is dissociated from the real economy …”

In this excerpt he condemns all stock market profits and loans made by banks, credit companies and private individuals; he censures not only these activities but also all types of rental payments made to property owners. Indeed, if a man has three houses, lives in one and rents two, he is being condemned by Francis as a parasite who “poisons society” because he does not create “dignified jobs.”

In passing, the right of inheritance is also indirectly condemned, since the beneficiaries acquire new properties and values “dissociated from the creation of dignified jobs.”

Most of the points of Bergoglio’s agenda coincide with those of Socialism and Communism.

He further affirmed that we should “conceive of and design an economy where people, and above all the poorest, are at the center.” Later, dealing with the solution for the epidemic, he said: “I propose that this be done [curing the small and large viruses] starting from the love of God, placing the peripheries at the center and the last ones in the first place.”

Henri de Saint Simon and Charles Fourier

The Utopian Socialism of Henri de Saint-Simon, left, & Charles Fourier is close to Francis’ longings

These are mostly utopian and sentimental longings that are not distant, if we consider the question in theory, from the romantic forms of Socialism and, on the practical level, from the ideals bragged about but never accomplished by Communism.

Then, Francis became still more dramatic: “What a scandal it would be if all the economic assistance we are observing – most of it with public money – were to focus on rescuing those industries that do not contribute to the inclusion of the excluded, the promotion of the least, the common good or the care of creation.”

Thus, according to Pope Francis – self-named arbiter for today’s economy – governments should not rescue companies that exploit oil and gas or dig for minerals because they “do not contribute to the care for creation.” Also, the airlines and ocean liners that serve principally the wealthy or upper middle-class should not receive any help from governments because they are not particularly focused on assisting the excluded and least ones or promoting the care of creation.

It also would be “a scandal” if governments were to assist logging companies and paper factories, which use wood as primary material, regardless of whether or not these enterprises are committed to reforestation, that is, to replant the same number of trees they cut down every year.

Pope Francis ends his speech with a sort of war cry against Capitalism: “If the [big] virus were to intensify in a world that is unjust to the poor and most vulnerable, then we must change this world … We must act now to heal those epidemics caused by the small, invisible virus and to heal those caused by the great and visible social injustices. … Otherwise, we will come out of the crisis worse.”

Proud of making such bold attack on our Western economic system, Francis tweeted the summary of his speech to his comrade, ex-terrorist Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, General Director of the World Health Organization.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Pope Francis’ comrade Tedros Ghebreyesus is often considered a puppet of Chinese Communism

Ghebreyesus tweeted back immediately, saying that “he could not be more in agreement” with Pope Francis. He commented: “We must make health a human right for all and prevent it from being a privilege for a few.” The pandemic, he added, “gives us an opportunity to rebuild together a better, more secure and more just world.” (L’Osservatore Romano, August 22, 2020. p. 1)

So, under the pretext of curing Covid-19, the supreme head of the Catholic Church – who paradoxically is the principal promoter of the Universal Religion – joins forces with one of the main proponents of the One World Order, Adhanom Ghebreyesus, to destroy Liberal-Capitalism, which, despite its many defects, still represents the Natural Order and upholds important social-political principles of the Christendom of old.

No wonder Our Lady at Fatima predicted: “Russia [Communism] will spread its error throughout the world.” Including inside Holy Mother Church, abetted by the power of the man who pretends to be the Vicar of Christ…


Blason de Charlemagne
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