NEWS:  October 1, 2018
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
THE DUSK OF A DEMAGOGUE – When I read about the recent visits of Pope Francis to Sicily and the Baltic Countries, I asked myself: Could these trips be attempts to recover from the great loss of prestige Francis has suffered lately?

I remember reading a long time ago how entrepreneurs who promote the fame of movie stars and public personalities deal with their popularity. Yes, in case you don’t know it, a person’s fame today is far from being something spontaneous: It is an artificial product of a whole industry of fame. We live in times when almost everything is artificial, including the prestige of popular leaders.

One of the rules I remember reading was this: When the star falls into oblivion or is strongly attacked in his personal life, it is time for him to take a trip abroad and have the media report his many “successes.”

Let me suppose some news reports of a flailing star’s trip: “Mike Bacson sung for Queen Melissabeth, who smiled warmly during his performance and shook hands with him after his show.” “He gave an hour long performance for a full house in the French city of Terbigny, with the enthusiastic audience clapping to the beat of his guitar.” “After giving a donation to the Help Sloppy Children Association, he was awarded a medal by the mayor of Sonolulu.” “In appreciation for his contribution to contemporary art, Scott University of Odinburgh granted him the honorary title of Doctor.”

After two months amassing such successes, the star returns home with his fame recycled and his popularity restored.

I am not sure whether the last visits of Pope Francis were planned to have this effect of restoring his popularity. What I see is that he urgently needs a solution like this if his bosses actually want him to remain onstage.

Pope Francis supports Fidel Castro

Pope Francis abandons the Cuban prisoners, changes hats with Fidel Castro & lends his prestige to propel a paralytic Communism

As a matter of fact, the list of disasters that have damaged his prestige is hard to summarize. I offer here only some few examples among the most harmful for his fame:
  • His constant attack against Capitalism and praise of Liberation Theology, not only in theory but also in his continuous support for communist regimes, has earned him the fame of being a communist Pope. The symbolic fact of him receiving a crucifix in the shape of the hammer and sickle from the hands of the Marxist president of Bolivia confirmed the reputation. His fame as such is so widespread that he has been portrayed as communist in carnival parades and cartoons all over the world.

  • He has despotically intervened many times in the affairs of conservative religious institutions to oblige them to abandon their traditional policies and adopt more progressivist ones.

    The Dictator Pope

    Henri Sire wrote his book under the pen-name Marcantonio Colonna

    The paradigmatic intervention he made was in the Order of Malta, where one of the directors had been punished for promoting contraception through the hospitals of the Order. Francis deposed the Grand Master who had punished that wrongdoing, rewarded the unorthodox director, and obliged the Order to elect a new Grand Master who supported his progressivist views. This earned him the nickname of The Dictator Pope, the title of a book by Henry Sire, a member of the Order of Malta who reported what happened.

  • In his Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitiae, Francis virtually permitted giving Communion to Catholics who had a civil divorce and remarried. This document caused four Cardinals to send him a letter – which later became public – called the Dubia [Doubts]. The Dubia challenged him to clarify how those teachings could harmonize with the previous Magisterium of the Church. He did not respond to them. This episode earned Pope Francis the fame of being morally lax and unorthodox.

  • His undisputable support for homosexuals and transgenders sets him against the traditional doctrine of the Church and makes him a “hero” among sexual degenerates – to the point that he has been chosen repeatedly to be featured on the covers of pro-homo magazines and media outlets. (here, here, here and here)

  • His hypocrisy in the supposed “zero tolerance” Vatican policy regarding pedophilia in the clergy and Hierarchy has become blatant. Countless cases of cover-up for pedophile priests in Argentina, Chile and Italy have been revealed by the press showing instances where Pope Francis protected the guilty party until the cover-up was discovered and a ruckus raised by the media. Only then did Francis act, and even then very weakly.

  • An analogous cover-up modus operandi has been applied in the cases of homosexual priests and prelates. The most scandalous of these cases is the one of Francis’ favorite ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, whose scabrous actions are still crackling in media headlines.

    The Vigano testimony gave evidence of Francis’ cover-up for McCarrick with a degree of clarity never before attained. Pope Bergoglio refused to respond, alleging that he was imitating Christ’s silence, but this argument was not convincing… Recently Vigano issued a second document reinforcing his first accusations and demands.

  • FRancis the destroyer

    Francis is known as the demolisher of everything the Catholic Church has held dear - click here

  • This list could go on and on showing other points raising public disapproval: Francis’ lack of theological scholarship and consistency in his written and spoken addresses; his new papal style of personally offending his subordinates in public, be they Prelates of the Roman Curia or devoted faithful who believe in the Fatima message; his constant opposition to the contemplative life in religious orders made under the pretext that all should go out in the streets to take care of the poor; his demagogic speeches favoring Muslim immigration in Europe; his undignified subservience to the false religions and his shame to show his pectoral Cross when he is meeting Jews; his visceral opposition to dignified papal symbols – from his transparent unkempt cassock and shabby shoes to his proletarian papal car and quarters.
His method of always surprising his audience with a new extravaganza reveals a psychology that – beyond being that of a clown – is one of a demagogue: A man who keeps people incessantly talking about him in order to lead them to Progressivism.

After five years of this nonstop shock treatment, Catholic public opinion is showing clear signs of weariness.

The rats abandon the ship

One of these clear signs is that organizations that were strongly committed not to speak against the Pope, such as the TFP and Church Militant-Vortex media outlet, have now changed their policies and are issuing books against Francis or publicly venting criticisms of him. Even the middle-of-the-road EWTN, whose life and commercial success rely on having the approval of the ecclesiastical establishment, is airing interviews with some false right “critics” of Pope Francis, such as Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

So, unless something changes in the picture, we should not be surprised if Pope Francis leaves the stage. He might catch a “strong cold” and die, like John Paul II, or “decide to retire,” like Benedict XVI and go to share a room with him in the Vatican backyard. Then the two retired Popes can have a good time discussing about which one did more to destroy the Church.

A third progressivist Pope is almost sure to come, unless Our Lord Jesus Christ or St. Peter finally enters the scene and puts an end to this satanic usurpation of the Catholic Church by Progressivism.


Blason de Charlemagne
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