NEWS:  November 30, 2016
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
NEW ROADS FOR THE U.S.  -  The elections of November 8 revealed a profoundly divided American nation. On one side, we have the supporters of the Obama-Hillary platform; on the other side, the adepts of the Tea Party movement, who found in Trump a provisory breath of air for their growing asphyxiation.

After eight years of Obama and his extreme-left agenda, the United States was getting quite close to becoming the USSA – the United Soviet States of America. This reality was reflected in several areas:

First, the exiting government struggled to prevent the U.S. from exploiting or producing any new source of energy – oil, gas, coal and methanol - in its own territory. It was also suffocating other sectors that mine natural resources.

Second, it sabotaged as much as it could the nation's industrial sector and its labor force by sending work abroad to China, Indonesia and India, to cite just the more relevant foreign nations, under the pretext that the work can be done cheaper there than here.

Third, it undermined the rural labor force by a policy of socializing the agricultural sector and increasing State intrusion to limit and control free initiative.

Rural taxes suffocate farmers
Fourth, Americans – in the middle and upper classes, both urban and rural – are facing virtual persecution through extortive taxation on properties and incomes.

A special chapter in this persecution includes the demagogic Obamacare, which is a means for the socialist takeover by the State of the private medical practice. It is destroying the previous proficient system and transforming it into a model of inefficiency.

Fifth, Obama's government did whatever it could to vilify the morale and self-worth of American troops by shrinking their numbers, cutting their salaries and introducing laws that oblige them to accept women and homosexuals into every corps and rank.

In parallel, it sabotaged new armaments for the American forces and cut defense spending. This has reduced the U.S. former might to an outdated condition, allowing Russia and China to equal or surpass in several areas the American military response.

On the internal level, the government’s constant attack against gun owners, striving to limit their possession, use and type to a ridiculous minimum, cannot be ignored.

Sixth, it violently attacked American families by a takeover of parental authority through a huge array of cultural and legal measures. They include the formation of children and youth by a communist body of teachers in schools and universities, the teaching of a permissive morality in these organs and the imposition of anti-natural monstrosities such as homosexuality and the so-called transgenderism, which are being presented as normal in society.

Protest against abortion
In the attack against families, it is noteworthy that the government has not spared any effort to promote abortion and euthanasia and provide them ample economic aid and legal support.

Seventh, Obama’s immigration policy certainly confirmed the idea that the government was acting to destroy the American identity. Either through open or surreptitious Muslim immigration, it introduced into the country unrest and affliction over imminent threats of terrorism.

Eighth, the Executive branch corrupted the decisions of the Supreme Court by appointing judges favorable to its pro-homosexual and pro-abortion agendas.

These general lines, which were meticulously executed during the eight years of Obama's presidency, are not only actions of the government, but are positions endorsed by a considerable part of Americans who voted for Hillary. This group, let us not forget, wants to continue on the same path – and even at a more accelerated speed – toward the destruction of the U.S. and the implantation of Socialism.

After the election, segments of this bloc are publicly demonstrating against Trump. I believe that the king-makers, or the public opinion bosses, that is to say, the Secret Forces, are testing the waters of this group to determining whether it is socialist enough and sufficiently large to engage in a civil war. In case it is not, those radical partisans will be ready to be utilized in new protests, like the Occupy Movement or Black Lives Matter, when the opportunity presents itself.

The Tea Party movement

Another bloc of public opinion is constituted by those who voted for Trump. It is basically made up of those who are discontent with the present system. More than any specific thing that Trump did or promised, his main cause for success was to catalyze an enormous and general discontent. Tea Party supporters who were able to elect a few representatives some years ago today can elect the President of the United States – this is the most expressive datum to emerge on the political panorama. It reveals a growing current in public opinion.

The skepticism of this bloc is not turned toward some superficial point; it is directed to the very essence of the democratic system. Let me analyze it.

First, it is obvious that this group is against Obama and his political-social platform explained above. In other words, it believes that the Executive Branch of the democratic system became morally and institutionally putrid.

Second, it is also against the politicians, considered hypocrites who are moved by personal interests to propose and approve the laws they choose. That is, the Legislative Branch is profoundly discredited.

Tea Party movement
Third, the vote of this faction was oblivious to the Republican and Democratic Parties. The nomination of Trump was essential for the Republican Party, but not necessarily so for Trump, who used the Party as a mere legal instrument for his candidature. He had his non-establishment voters outside of the traditional red-blue dispute. This translates: The official parties are becoming irrelevant and obsolete. The bottom line is an increasingly ideological fight between an organic American society versus Socialism.

Fourth, the Supreme Court's approval of anti-natural and unjust homosexual “marriage,” which had been rejected by the people in referendums – California, for example, rejected it twice – clearly shows the artificial and arbitrary character of the decision. This measure, added to the recent decision to favor abortion in Texas, made it obvious to the Trump electorate that the highest tribunal of our democratic regime cares less about justice than about discharging a pre-established leftist agenda.

Fifth, to make things still worse, the actual procedure of voting, the very hub of the democratic system, has been increasingly questioned as fraudulent. There are serious doubts about the objectivity of the votes cast and counted by electronic machines, which rely on programs designed by computer experts, who are suspected of arranging the results beforehand.

Protest against Socialism
Sixth, most of the established means of communication – newspaper, radio and TV – showed themselves to be blatantly partial in this election. This lack of objectivity, as well as their relentless news foretelling Hillary’s victory, confirmed the group's previous suspicions about almost everything that is reported by the established media.

Seventh, analogously, the polls, considered to be an objective way to gauge what people are thinking, revealed themselves to be guided by a broken compass. Almost all predicted a comfortable victory for Hillary.

This rough sketch of the Tea Party constituency makes it clear that there is a great skepticism about democracy today. This enormous bloc of public is open to exit the present day regime and try something new.

What would this be? It is not difficult to see the clouds of a dictatorship appearing on the horizon. This bloc of dissatisfied Americans is betting on a strong man who cares little about political compromises, who has not too much to gain financially on the personal level.

Will Trump be the savior of democracy or the hierophant who will conduct its funeral? Will he really be independent of the Secret Forces and their anti-natural, anti-Catholic and socialist ideals? A propos, what did he tell Henry Kissinger that made the latter confident that Trump will not fulfill his election promises but, instead, will adapt himself to the American foreign policy, that is, to the agenda of the One World Order? I don’t know. We have to wait and see.

What I know is that Mr. Trump will commit a fatal mistake if he disregards this growing bloc of public opinion and gives free rein to his megalomania, based on the unrealistic notion that he was elected for his personal merits and accomplishments.


Blason de Charlemagne
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