NEWS:  June 29, 2016
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
SEEING BREXIT IN PERSPECTIVE  -  I believe that England’s exit from the European Union may lead to World War III. Let me elaborate.

Anyone who follows international politics knows that the Secret Forces want to establish the One World Order, the Universal Republic. The UN agenda is the prototype of this ideal: a socialist government ruling over all the peoples on earth who will be transformed into a single type of brown man, the result of the mixing of all the races.

Secret Forces

What do I mean by Secret Forces? They are the ensemble composed by the initiated persons who act decisively in the following hierarchy:

Masonic Power

A 1926 Czech depiction of the Masonic Power shows its Jewish inspiration

  • A commerce controlled by industry;

  • An industry controlled by the banks;

  • A political class controlled by the three: commerce, industry and the banks depending on the case;

  • State banks controlled by persons working behind the scenes in the government, who habitually are not in the media headlines; in fact, the more decisively they act, the less they appear;

  • Private banks controlled by what is generically called International Finance – the International Monetary Fund, World Bank etc –, which also controls/influences the state banks;

  • International finance controlled by the Jews;

  • The Jews divided into liberal and “orthodox” factions, but in this apparent antagonism the last word almost always belongs to the “orthodox.”
Similar hierarchies work inside academia, the liberal professions – physicians, engineers, lawyers etc – as well as in the army, navy, air and police forces.

Different types of Freemasonry – the Rotary Club, Lions Club, Rosicrucian, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, York Rite, Scottish Rite, Burschenschaft, Pythagoras Center, Assyrian Observance, Knights of Pythias etc – are all horses ridden by Judaism. These types of secret societies act in the different levels of this hierarchy to communicate and enforce the agenda of the Revolution.

Those who are initiated do not transmit the orientation they receive to the public, their families or friends. It is secret.

It is this network that I call the Secret Forces.

Secret Forces & immigration

We all know that the present day invasion of Europe – taking place on a smaller scale in the U.S. – is not happening by chance. The united European Masonries patently announced in a public manifesto that they want their members to support Muslim immigration. Their document is clear regarding their goals, but there is much blah-blah-blah regarding the reasons.

The real reason, I think, is to completely destroy Europe as it was historically molded by the Catholic Church. The Revolution’s hatred for this Christendom is so intense that it wants to extinguish the actual European racial types that developed in a society so organically formed by the Church.

Italian Freemasonry
Its agents in Europe are explicitly preaching the “replacement” of races. According to this agenda, the different racial types of European should marry Muslins – either Arabs or Black. Professors, politicians, businessmen and preachers insistently instruct the people to welcome immigrants and, if possible, to mix with them. Such a policy has been promoted by the Secret Forces for decades, but now it is reaching an unthinkable apex – with the due blessing of Pope Francis, let us not forget. For a period of time, public opinion was suspicious but quietly accepted it.

The tide changed when, on New Year’s Eve 2016, Germany witnessed a wave of hundreds of rapes of young women and girls by more than 1,000 immigrants. The gags fell from their mouths and people start to speak out.

We woke to the fact that 30% of population in Marseilles, France, was Muslim, which means more than 250,000 persons had invaded the city and were causing all kinds of unrest. The French people of Calais have 18,000 Muslims in their city enjoying all the privileges provided by the government. They repay this by violently harassing the population at will.

Suddenly we realized that Germany has 3.7 million citizens of Turkish background plus 1.5 million Turkish residents, not counting the 1.1 million “Syrian immigrants” whom Angela Merkel authorized to enter Germany between 2015 and 2016.

Europe is fed up with immigration

Public opinion has changed. The talk of welcoming immigrants duly promoted by the local governments no longer convinces the people. The Hungarian Prime Minister set a good example by publicly protesting and shaking off the anti-European policy imposed by the E.U.

Brexit campaiign

A poster of the Brexit campaign in England

In Austria the sale of arms are off the charts: no guns are left on the shelves. More and more Austrian women are buying guns to defend themselves from possible rapes by immigrants. In the last elections of May 2016, the habitual socialist and conservative Austrian political parties, seeing that they could not win, channeled their votes to the Green representative, who barely managed to beat the anti-E.U. and anti-immigrant candidate – winning only by a microscopic percentage.

In December 2015, the same policy of channeling votes was adopted in France to prevent the Neo-Nazi party of Marine Le Pen from taking the legislative elections. Although her party did not take any region, it emerged as the second party in numbers of votes. The virtual dictatorship of François Hollande, who since November 2015 has been ruling the country by martial law under the pretext of combating terrorism, is paradoxically protecting the Muslims by forbidding the State police to enforce the law in their districts.

Growing political chaos in Europe

France is also in political chaos since Hollande is taking advantage of his “provisory” dictatorship to impose socialist reforms on the people, who are daily in the streets protesting and demonstrating. Hollande’s popularity index has fallen to a low of 19%. France looks more and more like a new Venezuela…

Spain has also been in political chaos for more than six months. Since last December, the representatives elected to the Congress have been unable to agree on a platform for a Prime Minister. The elections of June 26 did not change the picture since none of the parties won a majority in the Congress. Ireland is in a similar situation. Italy can hardly walk on its own legs. Since the fall of its government in November 2015, Portugal is also in political-economic turmoil; Greece has not been able to rise from its political-economic abyss.

Brexit, a breath of fresh air

It was in this turbulent atmosphere of Muslim invasion and political chaos that England voted on June 23 to exit the E.U. It was the best news I can recall receiving since this debauched 21st century started. Congratulations England! I was suspicious that the Secret Forces would make a sleight of hand in the voting booths – the referendum in Scotland is still in my mind – to ensure England would not leave. But this did not happen or, even if they cheated, it was not enough to change the final result.

How will the Secret Forced prevent other peoples of Europe, which are having analogous immigrant/political/economic issues, from scratching their chins and thinking: “Why don’t we do the same thing?”

So, here we are today: If England goes away without followers, the E.U. can slow its speed and try to continue on the same path. However, if two or three other countries exit, their departure could very well trigger a chain reaction and reduce the E.U. to its driving locomotive, Germany. In other words, the adventure of the E.U. would effectively end.

In the latter case, the Secret Forces have to carefully measure what their next step will be.

Kicking over the chess-table?

In this twilight of democracy, I see three possibilities:
  • First, to re-install dictators – Hollande can be just a test case – in order to impose by political force the measures that the economic pressure of the E.U. was unable to achieve. So, we would have a group of dictators who would impose Socialism and compulsorily unite Europe.

  • Second, to call for a general insurrection of the Muslims, who are already in Europe, to rise up against everything that does not accommodate their own world view. Europe would, thus, be transformed into an enormous wounded body of urban guerrilla warfare.

World War One

World War I was made to end the empires & kill the Catholic ultramontane youth of Europe

  • Third, if the Secret Forces can no longer control the anti-immigration reaction and an organic separatism, they would trigger a controlled World War III. Adopting this ploy, they would have to destroy by conflicting military force what they were unable to previously dismantle.
These three hypotheses do not exclude one another.

In the previous two World Wars the Secret Forces did something similar when they found themselves in analogous crossroads. They kicked over the chess-table to restart the game so it could be played under their control from another perspective in a completely different situation.


Blason de Charlemagne
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