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Fr Javier Sanchez 1

Rock priest burned to death in Zaragoza

Fr. Javier Sanchez, featured on this page, died on April 4, 2024. He was saying Mass at a convent in the Santa Isabel neighborhood when a candle spark jumped onto his vestments and burned half of his body. Emergency care took him to Miguel Servet Hospital for treatment, but the physicians could not save him.

Fr. Sanchez, parish priest of San Gregorio Church, was known as "the rock priest" for his musical preferences. He often played guitar in churches and at public concerts.

In 2015 he became famous when he made a video in which he appeared almost fully nude with angel wings and a guitar, above. Two days later, the Archbishop of Zaragoza, Vicente Jimenez, obliged him to offer a public apology.

At the news of his spectacular death, the first question that comes to mind is whether this was a punishment from God for his notorious debasement of the priestly dignity.

Fr Javier Sanchez 2

Photo from the Interenet

Posted April 14, 2024


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