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Carpi art expo -1

Blasphemous art expo in Carpi, Italy

In the still consecrated Church of St. Ignatius in the city of Carpi, Italy, an Art Exposition promoted by the Archdiocese of Modena is taking place from March 2 to June 2, 2024.

The expo is titled Gratia Plena, in reference to Our Lady. It opened during Lent and plans to continue during Holy Week and part of the Pascal Season.

Above, we see a blonde dead "Christ" wearing a semi-open green biker outfit and boots, and carrying a red motorcycle helmet. He is held by three young men in shorts with naked legs and torsos. In the background two young women lament his death. The scene is a mockery of the descent of the Body of Christ from the Cross.

Below first row, a view of the central altar that shows three paintings from the Exposition. Second row, the central picture in front of the altar shows a naked male cadaver with small wounds in his hands and feet and the sign INRI close to his head. A man dressed in blue has his head very close to the corpse's genitalia; with his arm reaching far behind his legs. It suggests a necrophilia felatio, although the organizers of the expo describe it as "Longinus breaking the bones of Jesus."

In the third row, there are three panels showing men dressed as divers harassing a woman; in the central panel they strip off part of her dress. The organizers explain that those panels represent the Virgin Mary being harassed by the pharisees when they wanted to investigate her virginal conception... The panels are titled "Gratia Plena," the same name that they chose to call the Exposition.

In the fourth row at left we see a woman with her legs open receiving on her lap a corpse also with his legs open, suggesting some sexual perversion. This painting is titled "Noli Me Tangere," the words Our Lord said to St. Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection...

At right, we see an astronaut kidnapping a young man, with the tile Pariclite, with seems to tell us that Christ was taken away into physical space, and not to Heaven as the Catholic Faith teaches us.

After much criticism, the Archbishop of Modena and Bishop of Carpi, Enio Castelucci, issued a note defending the Exposition and inviting onlookers to view it with "clear eyes," insinuating that the viewers who see obscene scenes in the Expo have dirty and malicious minds.

The blasphemous Exposition and the approval of the Archbishop gave rise to a letter of protest, asking him to close the show. The protesters are encouraging the local faithful to gather outside the church to pray the Rosary in reparation, last row.

We should add our prayers to theirs in reparation for this grave offense, and ask God to intervene soon to end the deluge of blasphemies coming from the Conciliar Church.

In the second to the last row, we see Andrea Saltini, the artist, and Archbishop Enio Castelucci.

Carpi art expo - 2

Posted March 10, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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