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Photo of the Week

St Ann's Church in Buffallo

St. Ann Church in Buffalo sold to Muslims

A reader sent to TIA the photo above with the following message :

Good morning,

Regarding your St. Agnes church in Buffalo posting:

I recently sent this article, also regarding Buffalo and the Catholic churches there being sold to false religions.

This most beautiful Gothic historic Catholic church is being sold for a pittance to Muslims. The real question here is why did the so-called Catholic Diocese refuse to sell it to a Catholic group that wanted to restore it and instead sell it to a shadowy Muslim group? A very very sorry state of affairs!

The headline: Conquered: Another Historic Catholic Church Will Be Converted into a Mosque in Buffalo, New York

In a "secretive deal with the Muslim community, the historic Saint Ann Catholic Church and Shrine in Buffalo, New York, was purchased for a mere $250,000. ... The 50,000 square-foot Church, built in 1886 by German immigrants, will now be turned into a mosque and Islamic center."
St. Ann's has been called "one of the most spectacular church interiors in Buffalo," as you can see in the first two photos below, before the work of destruction began.

God bless you in all your work.


Below, first and second rows, photos of the interior of that beautiful church.

Third row, a group of Muslims takes possession of the property, which includes a complex with two large brick buildings of many stories and several houses. Fourth row, in one of the houses belonging to St. Ann's complex, a Muslim advertisement of their center in Buffalo; in the insert, the name of St. Ann is erased from the church's entrance.

st anns church

st anns church buffalo

Muslims took possession of St Ann church

Photos sent by a reader & from the Internet
Posted May 7, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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