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Muslims in Catholic churches 01

A Catholic church lent to Muslims in Belgium
Above, you are looking at a Muslim act of worship being carried out inside the Catholic Church of St. Laurent in the city of Charleroi, in the Diocese of Tournai, Belgium.

Since the nearby neighborhood of Gilly closed its mosque for reasons of public security, the parish priest of St. Laurent, Fr. Henry Remy - with the due approval of the religious authority - is lending his church to the Muslims to use every Friday. As a "good" ecumenist, the priest hides the altar and Cross behind curtains in order not to offend Islamic feelings against Our Lord Jesus Christ...

Below first and second rows, the Muslim worshippers arrive, take off their shoes and seat themselves on the floor turned toward Mecca; third row, the mufti preaches the falsities of the Koran; fourth row, some candles before a statue of Our Lady lit by one of the Catholic faithful who had to leave his church to allow the Muslims to worship there...

Muslims in Catholic churches 02

Muslims in Catholic churches 03

Muslims in Catholic churches 02

Muslims in Catholic churches 05

Photos from  Gloria TV

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 27, 2010

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