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Pope Francis receives Angelina Jolie 1

Francis endorses career of Angelina Jolie

On January 8, 2015, Pope Francis received actress Angelina Jolie in the room where he normally receives heads of States and ambassadors. The film Unbroken, recently released and directed by Jolie, was viewed at the Vatican by Prelates and Diplomats. She was invited to be present and, after its showing, she was received by the Pope. (News report here)

Since Francis is known for his preference for symbolic gestures rather than official pronouncements, this reception of Angelina Jolie represents an endorsement of her entire career. It is an implicit affirmation that Francis objects to nothing in her past life.

Now then, the actress' career is known for two main characteristics: her proclivity for the occult / demonic and her bold immoral / porno poses for movies, magazines and photos.

By receiving her, Francis not only blesses her occult-immoral career, but makes a strong blow against Catholic Morals. It is another attempt to destroy the Church from within. Something the external enemies never managed to achieve.

Below, some aspects of Jolie's career Pope Francis is implicitly promoting.

Pope Francis receives Angelina Jolie 2Pope Francis receives Angelina Jolie 3

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Posted March 15, 2015

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