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Chilean Bishop commit idolatry 01

Pagan gods worshipped at Bishop's Consecration

Part of the ceremony of consecration of Fr. Moises Atisha as the new Bishop of Arica, Chile, was an act of Inca worship, above, dedicated to the gods Pachamama (earth), Tata Inti (sun) and the Malkus (spirits of the mountains). A large group of Chilean Bishops was present at that ceremony on January 17, 2015.

Above, you see an Inca “priest” kneeling on an Indian rug transformed into an altar. On that same rug he displays leaves of coca, a sack of seeds and two bottles - one with water and the other with hard liquor, all of which he offers to the pagan deities of the Incas.

Afterwards, he gave brightly colored paper necklaces to Bishop Atisha and Bishop Cristian Contreras, who co-consecrated the new Bishop, first and second rows below. Both bent down before the “altar” to pick up some leaves of coca and offered them to the Inca divinities, third row. They were followed in this act of idolatry by all the Bishops present, including the Papal Apostolic Nuncio to Chile, Msgr. Ivo Scapolo, fourth row, and the Cardinal Ezzati Andrello, Archbishop of Santiago, fifth row.

In the second to the last row is a representation of the pagan god Tata Inti, in the last row a picture presenting an act of public idolatry made by Inca “priests.”

To not commit idolatry, six million Catholics died as martyrs in the early Church. Today, idolatry is a consequence of Vatican II that is being committed very often by the Conciliar Popes in the name of ecumenism. The Bishops follow suit.

Chilean Bishop commit idolatry 02Image of the pagan deity Tata Inti and Incan priests

Photos from the Bishopric of Arica first seen Amor de la Verdad


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 22, 2015

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