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Sikh leader made papal knight 1

Sikh guru made papal knight in England

It happened at St. Chad's Cathedral in Birmingham on April 22, 2012. Pope Benedict XVI decided to invest Bhai Mohinder, a Sikh guru in the city, as a papal knight in the Pontifical Order of Knighthood of St. Gregory.

As the reader may recall, Sikhism is a break-away from Hinduism that started in the 15th century. It adores a pantheist god present in each creature, to be sought and contacted through meditation.

Benedict XVI justified this choice as recognition of Mohinder's "dedicated work in Roman Catholic-Sikh relations and his enthusiastic commitment to working for peace among people of all faiths." The ceremony was conducted by Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham, who in his homily stressed that this "is the first time that such papal honor has been bestowed on a spiritual leader from within the Sikh community."

Above, a flash from the ceremony when Mohinder approaches the steps of the presbytery where Archbishop Longley invested him as a papal knight. Below, some close-ups of the event, including Sikhs playing songs of thanksgiving. Last row, an overview of the audience where one can distinguish many Sikh representatives from different countries who came for the investment ceremony.

What more can be said about yet another vilification of the honors of the Church?

Sikh leader made papal knight 2

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 5, 2012

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