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Show of nuns' legs in Colombia
Above you see a dance performed by Religious Women of the Sacred Heart during a general meeting of their institution that took place in the city of Sasaima, Colombia, in June 2010. The ladies who chose this "modern" way to entertain their colleagues - barefoot and showing their legs - are from the Peru delegation to that encounter.

Below first row, are the representatives of Mexico dancing to the rhythm of "La negra;" second row left, Sisters Vanesa and Paula from Argentina; at right, Sisters Cibele and Josefina. Third row, the Sisters of Mexico again dance and sing to the music "Los caminos del Sur;" fourth row, a pose for posterity: from left, Sisters Joaquina (Brazil), Silvana (Argentina), Irene (Mexico), Regina and Lourdes (Peru).

This meeting gives us a good example of the "seclusion of the world, recollection and seriousness" that a girl with a religious vocation will find when she decides to enter religious life...

These photos can be seen on the official website of the Religious of the Sacred Heart in Mexico, here.
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Scoop from Catapulta

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 1, 2011

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Our Lady of La Salette,
restore the Holy Church

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