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Queen Sofia receives Communion in the hand 01

Radio Cristiandad
Benedict XVI giving Communion in the hand
Yes, it happened this month, on November 7, 2010. Not at the beginning of his pontificate or before he became Pope. It was in Barcelona, during his recent trip there. It happened after his "conversion" to traditionalism... In this photo Benedict XVI is clearly giving Communion in the hand to Queen Sofia of Spain.

It seems that there was no practical reason to justify the event, since she could have knelt on the quite soft and elegant kneeler close to her, at left, and then been at a convenient height for the Pope to reach her tongue. Instead, she awkwardly bent over and extended her hands, hovering above Benedict to receive the Sacred Host.

Nor is there any possibility that this photo were modified to serve an agenda. The video is here where this part of the Mass was filmed; below we provide a sequence of pictures taken from it.

So, Queen Sofia received Communion in the hand because she prefers this progressivist innovation, and the Pope administered it to her because he wanted to.

Therefore, if you are a propagator of the tale that Benedict became conservative and no longer gives Communion in the hand, it's better not to look at this photo or watch this video. And if by chance you catch a glimpse - for instance, a friend sends you this inconvenient photo - forget it as soon as possible, and find another way to "prove" your story. But if you are running short of pretexts to perpetuate this myth, you may ask advice from one of the compromised traditionalist leaders who have become experts at presenting "proofs" of Pope Ratzinger's "conservative behavior."

Queen Sofia receives Communion in the hand 02


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 21, 2010

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