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Oceania Mass 01

The wreathed Jesuits of Micronesia
Above, you are looking at a Mass in the chapel of St. Francis Saverio School in the city of Koror, Island of Palau, Micronesia, Oceania. The priests in their festive head pieces are concelebrating a Mass that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the school's founding.

The wreaths they are wearing are used in pagan ceremonies of the local aborigines. This assimilation of local customs from the area - even pagan ones - often mixes Catholic liturgy with fetishist practices. Notwithstanding, such inculturation obeys the norms issued by Vatican II (Gaudium et spes, 26b, 41c; Sacrosanctum Concilium 14).

Oceania Mass 02

Inter Multiplices Una Vox

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 1, 2009

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