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Photo of the Week

Papua New Guinea bishop Giles in native garb

Papua New Guinea Bishops

Bishop Giles Cote of Daru Kiunga, Papua New Guinea, above, wears native garb over his red vestments, dons a tribal chief headdress with feathers instead of a miter, and holds bamboo sticks in his right hand and his Bishop's staff in his left hand. A mixture of the sacred symbols of his holy office with the pagan ones of the natives. An expressive example of Vatican II inculturation. Since the Council we are seeing more and more of this syncretism of the pagan and the holy.

Below left, another photo of Bishop Cote with his extravangant hat; at right, Bishop Cesare Bonivento of Vanino, also Papua New Guinea, wearing a flaming hat instead of a miter during Mass.

Third row, natives with painted faces and bodies dancing inside the church,
probably after the Mass.

Photos of Bishop Giles and a tribalist dance

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 18, 2007

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