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Munich Cardinal Indian Headdress

Cardinal of Munich Wearing an Indian Headdress
On August 2, 2007, during a visit to the city of Cotacachi, Ecuador, Cardinal Friedrich Wetter, successor of Joseph Ratzinger in the Archdiocese of Munich, wears the feather headdress of an Indian chief.

Below, he receives the pagan Inca symbols of the sun from the mayor, Auki Tituana.

Beyond the burlesque of seeing a Prince of the Church playing the clown, inculturation, which became a general norm after Vatican II, has the presupposition that the Church cannot bring her European model of faith and culture to other peoples in her effort to evangelize. She should assimilate the local "values" - no matter how pagan or evil they are. This notion implicitly denies the Roman note of the Catholic Church, which, as Roman, is necessarily Western.
Cardinal of Munich Receives Inca Symbols

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Posted September 7, 2008

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