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A Buddhist style advertisement for the Benedictine sisters

Sisters make a Buddhist appeal to attract vocations

For the last several months, America magazine has been carrying the ad above made by the Sisters of St. Benedict, St. Mary Monastery, in Rock Island, Illinois.

It shows a bare-footed woman wearing an undefined tunic, seated in a Buddhist position and holding a notebook computer in her lap. She is certainly not wearing the Benedictine habit one sees in the photo below.

Normally a monastery or convent carefully composes its advertisements for vocations in order to send the message that best summarizes the specific characteristic of its religious order. It is curious to see that acquaintance with Buddhism and cybernetics skills are now considered the more appealing points of these Benedictine Sisters.

One can only wonder what kind of Spouses of Jesus Christ will be formed in this ambience.

It is another step of the infiltration of Buddhism into religious orders, and certainly one of the consequences of conciliar aggiornamento - opening to the modern world.

A traditional Benedictine sister

Photos from America, July, 17, 2006, & Internet


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 6, 2006

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