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Hate Mail

I have to say that from what I read, and I'm hoping I somehow misunderstood, that I'm shocked at your article [about the Inquisition]. To say that type of cruelty is fair and just is ridiculous, also stating that the violent and sick part of it never happened is similar to some Germans saying that they never tried to wipe out an entire culture of people.

There is PROOF stating otherwise in regards to the Inquisition, just as there is clear proof that in Germany they had consentration camps [sic] and most certainly used them. I am quite upset and apalled at your lack of education and honesty that these things did happen, to apologize is the least the Pope could do in regards to the destruction the church caused in it's history.

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Be Ashamed

Hate Mail
You should be ashamed of your writings against The Holy Father and The Vatican – clearly you are either misinformed or are out to destroy all the good our church is doing, which you hard as you might try, you will never be able to accomplish, as HE is the ONE WHO controls everything at the end

Where are you getting your information? You are probably doing this to get the poor Chinese people away from the Catholic Church and into your own non-Catholic circle

Do you really think that this is what GOD wants from you? And how will you respond to HIM when HE will ask you why are distorting facts to your own liking?

Think deeply and pray before you continue what you are doing – and always remember that GOD is constantly in control and HE will save from harm HIS people and HIS Church

     In CHRIST JESUS and MARY His Blessed Mother and Ours,

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Egalitarian Explosion

Hate Mail
The pictures of the father and son (uptight, snooty, totally out of date, based on wealthy people) praised as the ideal and the friendly, caring togetherness and deep sense of bonding that's shown in excoriated second picture show that you are in the habit of using your head as a suppository.

Have a day.

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Burn Your Writings!

Hate Mail
I am sending this email, concerning two things, firstly, I want to clarify that through my one donation to this cause, I did not enter in some sort of subscription. Secondly, I do not wish my name to be remmembered for the Mass said for donors, as I completely withdraw my support from this website.

Your website attempts to put any who do not support your cause to shame, and such is a cruelty in itself, however, the cause itself, and the writings you post for view, are far too ambiguous to be from God, they are foul, venoumous, and psychologically dangerous. For the sake of many individuals, you should throw down your website, burn your writings, and truly humble yourself, lest you be judged one day among the Pharisees. Your hatred, (and it is perfectly truthful to call it such) for muslims, heretics, and for others who do not bow down to your cause is the equivilant to the contempt that the jews had for the gentiles, and semeritans.

To conclude and once more clarify, I do not wish to be in any subscription plan; also, I wish my name to be removed from the list of donors, and mass. I would call you all venoumous snakes, however, I suppose that depends on your level of malice. If you rationally understand that your writings attempt to put others unjustly to shame, and try to poison their minds, hearts, and souls, I call you wormtounges, vipers, and whatever filthy title you warrent. However, if you ignorantly publish your writings, I pity you, yet, you still remain arrogant vultures, who would have right men suffer for your own vain cause.

     Not in any name that would please you,

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Yours Is the Worst Website

Hate Mail
To whom it may concern,

My name is E.J, I am 22 years old and I live in Ohio. About 11 years ago my mother came out to me that she was gay, and from then on I can't even go on to tell you how much everything approved.

My father abandoned us when I was three and it has been my mom every since. I think your website is completely repulsive. We still go to church, and do everything that normal families do, and the last time I checked 96% of the male population had no problem watching a pornographic movie where two women were naked together having sex.

I believe you and your staff are very cold-hearted, and so does the pastor of my church. If everyone were to go to hell for one sin I guarantee that you would be joining everyone else in the world to Satan's dinner table.

This is the worst website I have ever seen in my life, and as far as the church and I are concerned, being hateful and malicious like you are is a worse sin than being homosexual.

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Judas Iscariot

Hate Mail
"Pride goeth before the fall", to quote Holy Scripture. It seems that Tradition in Action is full of self proclaimed popes that fail to recognize the Magesterium of the Church. I love the Tridentine Mass when it is said by a priest with the authority to do so.

My memory of the Latin Mass as a child, was filled with people who had little or no knowledge of what the Mass was about because saying the rosary or reading from a prayer book was permissable. By today's standards, those people would have missed Mass.

Whether you approve or choose to ignore the auhority of the papacy in matters of faith and morals, which includes his authority to change the Mass, we have to be obedient to Holy Mother Church. St. Pius X did not have a monopoly on being the only pope with jurisdiction for Masses. The Maronite Mass of St. James is the oldest Mass in existence. I hate to burst your bubble, but the Maronite Rite is in Full Union with Rome and does have a valid Mass.

We are living in a difficult age. In shows lack of faith that the Holy Spirit would abandon the Papacy during these times. The Novus Ordo Mass, much to your disbeliefs, opened the eyes of many to the Mass's purpose. We as a Church, learned the Mass, and become actively involved with it. We don't ignore it with our faces shoved in a prayer book or saying the rosary and missing the full meaning of our obligation and privilege of partaking in the Sacred Mysteries that are given us. For your information, they were approved devotions during Mass. They no longer are approved at Mass time.

Prior to Vatican II, most Catholics had little knowledge of their faith. I agree, there have been countless abuses in the Mass. I'm sure there were abuses before. Now, since Mass is in the vernacular, they are hard to miss. I choose to believe in the working of the Holy Spirit, though, and search for a Mass that is valid. How many people went outside their parish boundaries before Vatican II? How many even knew that an invalid Mass even existed or could exist?

We are called upon to search for Truth and that Truth has a name. That name is Jesus. We have to believe in His Church, whether we agree or not. If we don't, we are no different than Martin Luther, Henry the VIII, Wycliff, or Judas Iscariot.

     May God be with you,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 31, 2011

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