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Pagan, Progressivist & Protestant Hate

My Goddess Diana…

Hate Mail
My name is Kat... THE GODDESS DIANA calls me MORIARIA... I am a PAGAN...

HOW DARE YOU... put such a beautiful photograph of a beautifully-rendered sculpture of MY GODDESS on your website... and then slander HER name! Shame-on-you...

There is NO way that GOD gave anyone strength TO DESTROY IT... Did He happen to come down and tell someone to do it, or did a band of panty wastes just decide to do it for Him?

You're all near-sighted; perhaps ALMOST blind... and unwilling to accept the fact that NOT everything you believe is true, and that you have chosen to hide a lot of TRUTH from your "blinded" followers... and because you can't find the answers or truly deny what the Pagans believe, you simply decide to write your stuff...

JESUS? Yes, of course I believe in Him! He is a God! No Pagan I know would ever, EVER deny his existance, or his sacrafice to try and straighten-out a bunch of idiots who were running around killing ANYONE who didn't believe as they did... SOUND familiar?

DIANA... The Huntress; the protector of WOMEN... Strong, chaste, and TOUGH! Perhaps that's it... She is too tough for wimply "traditionalist" men...!

I will ask my beautiful, fearless GODDESS to forgive you... Well, and I'll ask Jesus, too... He's a groovey guy... Interesting to think that he spent MOST of His time on this earth with, WHO? The Pagans... You know why? Cause, we're ON the right path... We keep holy the Ancient Way... Sorry you guys took the wrong turn. Your traditionalist [bad word] makes me sick!

I spent many years in traditional Christianity... and it certainly never did any for me... It only left me heart-broken, with a "pastor," who turned his back on me... and took the side of an abusive husband, WHO, ended-up seriously injuring me... That is JUST ONE example... I have no use for traditional christianity, in ANY FORM, well, except that Jesus is a groovey guy!


In HER service... (and no, I'm NOT a Lesbian... I'm a 57 year-old Grandmother, who lives happily with her Pagan gentleman friend!!!)

Don't bother to write back... I'm not interested in anything you have to say... I would suggest, out of respect for Diana, that you remove her picture from your web site...

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Hate Mail



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Why do you hate everyone who isn't a Catholic?


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The people you call Masons are not Masons. Why the lies?

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Progressivist Exasperation

Hate Mail
I wish this website were a joke. Pope John Paul II was indeed very revolutionary. His revolution was to show an entire generation of youth that the Catholic Church is a human organization that really does care about PEOPLE not just doctrines. He showed that being righteous and being fun are not mutually exclusive. There are a thousand other great things that he did for the Church, but I just don’t have time to list them.

It’s almost laughable to me that you are scandalized by him touching women or taking himself lightly at times. Did you know that Christ dined with prostitutes? I suggest you get your head out of your [bad word] and go do something good for others instead of critiquing the actions of a good man from the comfort of your armchair.

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Protestant Anger

Hate Mail
I just read your comments on the Nativity movie as so poo pooed by you and your organization. The movie was beautiful!! So what if it was a protestant view. I wonder what the orthodox Christian view is. That is what makes the birth of Christ so beautiful - As King and son of God, he was born IN A MANGER from simple beginnings with great things to come and for him to do in the world.

Mary and Joseph were simple people. Joseph was a carpenter!!! His grandparents were portrayed as humble people as Christ taught the world to be no matter what riches you have or lack.

What do you mean Catholic tradition???? I respect Catholic views but your commentary was absurd!!! The part that is ridiculous is that you compare a scene in the movie to your "royalty" pic of an IDOL figure dressed in royalty! DO you think Jesus [bad word] cares!!!!! ????

Catholics want so much to portray an ostentatious royalty in Jesus that you all end up using a vicar of Christ in a man sitting in Rome called the pope - It's sad but until pope John Paul II, the pope in history is pretty sad!

Nativity is a great movie - makes you feel the Holy Spirit and rejoice in being a Christian!

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Gnostic Outrage

Hate Mail
I found your critique of the Matrix trilogy interesting but profoundly reaching. If only you could put the money down and take a look in the mirror. Is it god you serve? More atrocities have been committed in the name of god by the multinational conglomeration of power hungry pedophiles known as the Catholic Church than any organization in known history. Let alone all the important texts your "great" Church has destroyed to keep the common man from finding the answers he seeks.

And as for Gnostics, yes, I have known since infancy that I was different, that I knew things from lives long gone, but I do not wish to forget the wisdom of the ancients.

Keep killing, molesting, profiting and pretending Jesus sought worship when I know and you should figure out he set an example for us to follow, not a figure for us to worship. There is no pie in the sky - all we have is today to try to become the men "who will perform miracles greater than I."

There is oneness with god by reaching enlightenment or there is life again on earth to try yet again. If only heaven was so easy, just say a few hail Mary's. Knowing the truth and living the truth are two very different things. If only I knew nothing at all.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 16, 2010

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