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What are Your Rules on Rhetoric?
Can You Give Classes of Catechism?

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Dear TIA,

For some time now, I have enjoyed your articles and Professor Plinio’s commentaries on the Saints of the Day. So much in fact, that I envy you all on the fine style of writing that you have.

I wonder if you can tell me what are some of the best books available on learning rhetoric and where to obtain them. Learning this art is not taught in schools like it used to be, I’m sure, especially in Catholic schools.

Thank you very much.



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TIA responds:

Mr. C.G.,

We thank you for your consideration and kind words.

We do not follow books on rhetoric; nor did Prof. Plinio to our knowledge.

However, as far as the writers of the TIA website are concerned, we follow some rules that we will pass to you without pretending to cover the whole topic:

  1. The best and easiest way that we know to learn a good style of writing is by admiration. That is to say, identify the points of the style that raised your admiration. Try to explain to yourself why you were attracted to them. If you succeed, keep these points in mind when you speak or write something. Try to transmit to your interlocutor, with your own words, impressions similar to those you admired.
In addition to this main rule, there are some basic principles we try to follow in our articles that we suggest to you:
  1. Be clear. Set out the topic you are dealing with in a clear, structured, and concise way;
  2. Present a clear solution for the problem you presented. If you are not certain of a precise answer, present your doubt clearly;
  3. Whatever topic you address, write about it in an elevated but not pretentious language;
  4. Avoid concessions to vulgarity and slang;
  5. Be amiable with your audience, which is a form of charity.
  6. If you enter into a polemic with an enemy of the Faith, remember that exercising charity with him consists of demonstrating his error and inviting him to change his position. So, do this without human respect.
  7. Never lose your emotional control.
These are a few of the rules that we hope may be of assistance.


TIA correspondence desk

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Mr. Guimarães,

My friend and I are looking for some classes we can attend to learn our Faith more deeply. Do you give any instructions? Is there someone or some place you can recommend?

      F. G.

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Mr. Guimarães responds:

Mr. F.G.,

Thank you for your request and appreciation.

Right now, I am devoting myself full time to our counter-revolutionary fight against Progressivism in Holy Mother Church. At the moment, therefore, I am not planning to give classes on catechism or instruction on the Faith.

For this reason, I would advise you and your friend to buy, read, and carefully study The Catechism of Trent , which is a cathecism for parish priests, and therefore, also for adults. The cathecisms by Francisco Spirago and A. Boulenger are recommended as well.

If you need a catechism for your children, the Catechism of St. Pius X is excellent.


     Atila S. Guimarães


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 23, 2006

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