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Will You Make Your Articles
Available in Spanish?

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My name is R. M., and I am a traditionalist. I been reading most of the traditional sites in the web, and I am very aware that this information is needed in Spanish. There are millions of Catholics in the Spanish speaking world who are in a completely confused state regarding all these novelties applied to the liturgy. Especially the Mass (Mess).

Here in my hometown in Oxnard, CA, there are thousands of Catholic people who do not know English well and are asking themselves if it is appropriate that an altar girl should be giving Communion as the priest does? As well as other outrageous, heretical, and blasphemous acts that take place during the Holy Mass.

These Catholics are anxious to get back to tradition but they need all this information in Spanish. They need to know what we should do when asking for an indult Mass, given that our Bishops are not really at ease with the Traditional Mass.

I will like to help in any possible way by translating your articles to the Spanish language.

Thank you.

     Yours in Christ the King.

     R. M.

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TIA responds:

Dear R.M.,

Thank you for your considerations and your offer to help.

At this moment we do not have conditions to translate our website to Spanish or to edit translations by others of our material. You would be very welcome, however, to translate the articles you judge appropriate and spread them among your friends.

We just ask you the favor to observe two points:
  1. The objectivity of the translations should be under your responsibility;
  2. The source - the TIA website and our writers - should receive due credit.

     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 28, 2005

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