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You Are Outdated on Freemasonry


Dear TIA,

It may be wise to update your information about Freemasonry. It seems that the spirit of Freemasonry is very alive. However, a lot of lodges have become very independent and are not connected with the central power of the Illuminati, either through communication or money.

The book, Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison, claims that the Illuminati and Grand Lodge links are now defunct. It claims that the power and people have now moved into the private organization called the US Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers. Certainly it is wise to bring this to people's attention.

The spirit of Freemasonry would be very much alive in the Lodges, however, they often may be merely humanistic and humanitarian, rather than actually connected to the destruction of the French Revolution spirit.

One can waste much energy in denouncing the Lodges and miss entirely the Globalist actions of Countries connected with the United Nations and with the Council of US Foreign Relations. Even NATO has become an arm of the United Nations, and no longer is made up of only North Atlantic countries in support of the West and thusly Christianity.




TIA responds:

Dear E.H.,

Thank you for your intent to improve our position on Freemasonry by criticizing it and offering us some “updates.”

Actually, even without reading the author you mentioned, we can affirm that there is no such thing as an alternative to attacking the Masonic Lodges or the promoters of a global One World Order. This is a false dilemma. Whoever attacks one harms the other, and vice-versa. We suspect that authors who try to block any real attack against Freemasonry are in fact defending the latter and, consciously or unconsciously, playing into the hand of the Secret Forces.

If you accept the definition of Freemasonry as the “ape of the Church” and, therefore, admit that it is a Church of the Devil, you may consider that Lodges, which we can find in most neighborhoods of large cities, are mimicking parishes in the Catholic Church. They have their own life and are mostly turned toward the orientation of their members. This guidance follows as much as possible the guidelines given by the Grand Lodges of the State or of the Country, just as in the Church we have Dioceses, Archdioceses, etc. to direct the local parishes.

Above those local Lodges are, therefore, others who control the finances and the politics of a State and of a Country.

Simply presented, the Masons of commerce are controlled by those of industry, and the latter controlled by those of the banks. National and international finances are controlled by the banks, which in turn obey the orders of the international Judaism.

It seems that your author attributes this control of international finances to the Bilderbergers. If he does so, he is mistaken. The so-called Bilderbergers are members of a kind of club founded under the initiative of Prince Bernard of Lippe, who married Queen Juliana of Netherland. He asked David Rockefeller to give guidelines to him and other Dutch and German friends on the best places to invest their money. So, they met for the first time in 1954 at the Hotel Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherland. This is the origin of the name.

This club – which grew and invited other select persons either to participate or to give advice – continues to meet every year in a different place for the same financial reason. From this first goal came in parallel the need for an annual analysis of the international political-social conjuncture. It is a way the Rockfellers have to keep such an important financial elite under their influence. But this is not the head of international finance. Some propaganda tries to make this club look like the top only to veil the real head.

The control of international finance belongs to Judaism. Liberal Jews. such as the Rockefellers in the U.S. and the Rothschilds in Europe for example, control a part of it. The other part is controlled by the so-called orthodox Jews, such as the Ashkenazy owners of Chase Manhattan Bank.

This cupola of Jews is what controls Freemasonry, as Fr. Maximilian Kolbe used to affirm. It is the upper part of the pyramid in the one dollar bill. The eye that appears there is not the eye of God, as some Freemasons imagine. It is the eye of Judaism controlling the entire Masonic hierarchy. We believe that between Judaism and Freemasonry the same relationship exists as that between a rider and a horse. One holds the reins and fully guides the other, taking advantage of the latter's strength for its own purposes.

Both Jews and Masons are Globalists, they want to establish the One World Order. The Masons believe in the false ideals of Equality, Liberty and Fraternity. The Jews believe in their occult Kaballah, which is the inspiration for those ideals. They also promote these ideals among nations with the aim of gaining better control over the entire world..

The CFR – the Council of Foreign Relations – is one of the organs Freemasonry has that serves this purpose. It instructs politicians on what to do to reach these goals. Their directors are the architects of the international policies of the United States, for example.

The United Nations and smaller versions of it, such as the European Union, the OAS (Organization of American States ), the Arab League and others, are attempts to totally or partially establish the Universal Republic or One World Order on earth.

Another important factor to achieve this plan is the role of religions. According to the Jewish-Masonic plan, there must be only one religion – a Panreligion – to serve the Universal Republic. The progressivist Popes have been working full steam since Vatican II for this aim.

This is the panorama we must keep in mind in any attack against Freemasonry. When we attack one part of the building, we damage the entire edifice; not the opposite as your author seems to suggest.

Thus, you have our update of your update. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to clarify this point.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 31, 2015



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