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Easter Greetings

Christ Resurrection

When everyone thought that Christ was dead, in fact He had resurrected and appeared to the Holy Women. He was building a new institutional reality, the Holy Catholic Church, based on the faith of His Resurrection.

Similarly, today, when many people imagine that the Holy Church as she always was is dead, in fact she is alive, living a new life of Faith in those who remain obedient to the eternal Catholic principles.

Catholic principles never change and never die, even when religious authorities want us to think the opposite. These principles are a due reflection of Eternal Wisdom, which is a Person, the Divine Word. No matter what the infiltrated enemies of the Church will say, these principles remain the same forever. They resurrect when men foolishly think they have killed them.

May the Risen Christ grant you and your family fidelity to those immutable principles and a blessed Easter.

TIA - Easter 2024

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