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Christmas Greetings 2023 

As the sins of Catholic Prelates and Heads of States reach extremities of evil never before seen, the promised Divine Chastisement appears to be imminent.

In this scenario we contemplate the Manger in which the Divine Infant was born to found the Catholic Church and save mankind. TIA asks Him, through the powerful intercession of Our Lady and St. Joseph, to prepare us, our readers, our friends and our donors to be faithful in this coming Trial.

The full realization of Christ's mission on earth, the full achievement of His Redemption will be the establishment of His Kingdom. It was through Mary that Christ came to earth; it should be through Mary that the entire world will go to Christ. So, the Reign of Mary will be the most perfect way to glorify Our Lord Jesus Christ on earth.

With these prayers in our heart and these thoughts in our mind, TIA wishes a Merry Christmas to our readers, friends and donors.

December 2023

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A Christmas Request

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