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Fourth of July Homage - 2022

Flag in the strom

As, externally, the specter of a World War III appears menacingly on the horizon and, internally, we see the ghosts of recession and civil unrest haunting the lives of Americans, we realize that the independence of our nation is in jeopardy.

When we see the extremes of immorality, fraud and corruption that our society is reaching, directed by its political leaders, we wonder whether God is starting to apply His Justice and punish these crimes as well as so many others the U.S. has committed in its History.

In this case, those true Americans who have always loved our country for the vocation it received from Divine Providence should raise their eyes and their hearts to Heaven and ask Our Lord Jesus Christ, through the powerful intercession of His Most Holy Mother, to have mercy on our country and not allow this vocation to be lost.

May She protect the authentic patriots who fight for the Only True Faith and give them the courage, wisdom and material means to save our country from the external and internal enemies who are at the service of Communism and its inspirer, the Devil.

These are our wishes and prayers on this twilight
of Western Civilization.


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We would appreciate if you would not forget TIA on this Fourth of July.
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