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A Christmas Request

Christmas request 2016-a 
Every day of this year of 2018, TIA has offered you some counter-revolutionary thoughts to try to prevent you from falling into the multiple traps the Revolution has set. We also strove to increase your Catholic spirit by recalling remarkable examples from the past and projecting hope for the coming of the Reign of Mary, the new society that will be built in the anticipated future.

If you benefited from our work, recognize our efforts and desire that we continue a similar fight in 2019, please, make your financial contribution today.

You have money, which we do not have; we have access to multiple religious and cultural sources, which you do not have. So, we ask that you give us what we do not have to allow us to continue giving you what you need. It is a noble and cordial exchange of favors, as is characteristic of Catholics.

May the great St. Joseph, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Divine Infant reward you and yours in proportion to your generosity this Christmas and the entire New Year.

December 2018

Christmas request 2015-b


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