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Easter Greetings


Who could imagine that the Passion of the Church would last as long as it has these last 50 years? The suffering of the Mystical Body of Christ, however, is a reflection of the physical and moral torments and anguishes the Incarnate Word experienced in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

After His Passion and Death, however, came His Resurrection. From the graces He gained for us with His Blood, the Church expanded, the Gentiles converted and a glorious Christendom took root. It was not only the Spiritual Kingdom of Christ – the Church – that was installed, but also His Temporal Kingdom. Then, the Church and State glorified God in their institutions, laws and customs.

Likewise, fom the long Passion of the Church we witness today a new Christendom will be reborn, which will be the most glorious epoch in History. In it the Three Persons will glorify the Daughther of the Father, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and the Mother of the Son with an intensity that will raise all of mankind and creation to its apex. This will be the Reign of Mary. The longer the Passion of the Church, the more splendorous this era will be.

Inviting you, our readers, to share with us the same hope in this glorious restoration, TIA presents to you and yours our best wishes for a Holy and Blessed Easter.

TIA - Easter 2016

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