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Easter Greetings

Resurrection - St. Albans Psalter

There are moments in which every promise appears to be empty, every conviction seems to be contradictory.

Christ is crucified and dies when He was expected to be enthroned as King ruling over all nations. He is buried, but even His body disappears. And, then, what about all the promises He made and all the convictions He taught? Were they nothing but chimeras?

No. He is not in sight, but He has risen. He is the victor over the Devil, sin and death. Everything He said came to life through His redemption. His cruel death is the seed for everything good that will grow in History.

We should learn from this lesson. Today we see the Body of Christ - Holy Mother Church - undergoing a process of passion and, if it were possible, death. Often it is difficult to know where she is; she has disappeared. The enemies who infiltrated her institution changed her face and are destroying her as much and as quickly as they can.

We should not lose hope. She will emerge from the present day crisis more beautiful, pure and perfect than ever. She will conquer all nations and peoples and, finally, in the Reign of Mary, we will see the accomplishment of the initial plan of God for mankind: one flock and one Shepherd.

May the Risen Christ and Our Lady of Fatima give hope to you and yours and a blessed Easter.

TIA - Easter 2014

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