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Easter Greetings

Resurrection Fra Angelico

Where is the Mystical Body of Christ? This is the question those Holy Women might have asked the Angel at the Sepulcher if they could have foreseen our times.

Indeed, today it has become increasing difficult to find the true Mystical Body of Christ, the Holy Catholic Church, when we look at her visible representatives. When we compare the present day Church to what the Catholic Chuch was in the past, we wonder whether she has disappeared, so extensive is the general apostasy of her Prelates.

But like those Holy Women, who knew that Our Lord would resurrect from death, we should hope and pray that the so greatly desired restoration of Holy Mother Church will come and we will see her glory in the Reign of Mary, fulfilling the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima.

May the Risen Christ grant you and your family a blessed Easter.

TIA - April 2012

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