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Easter Greetings

C_003_MariottodiCristofano.JPG - 56242 Bytes

Mariotto di Crisofano, 14th century

Tradition in Action presents to our readers most sincere wishes for a Holy Easter.

We pray that the Resurrection of Our Lord may give you and your families special graces to follow today's Passion of Holy Mother Church, and remind you that a complete restoration of the Catholic Church is near, as predicted in Fatima. At that time the Holy Catholic Church will shine more glorious than ever in the Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May Our Lord through the intercession of His glorious Mother speed the coming of this new victory of His.

April 2007

C_003_Limbo[1].JPG - 36345 Bytes

Christ opening Limbo, Master of the Osservanza, c. 1436

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