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Hippocratic Oath & Magnetic Vax

The Confusion Increases: Burfitt Did Not Apologize

Dear TIA,

Re: SSPX Goes Sede-vacantist

I appreciated that you posted a link to Fr. Burfitt’s sermon at Our Lady Help of Christian at the request of one of your readers.

I was present at both sermons – Fr. Johnson’s and Fr. Burfitt’s – since I am a parishioner at that Chapel.

Unfortunately, from what I heard at the sermon, there was no direct apology made. Fr. Burfitt addressed the topic without mentioning the incident. However, twice in different sermons Fr. Johnson has affirmed - the last time very explicitly - that the Novus Ordo priests are not validly ordained.

Now, I don’t understand why Fr. Burfitt did not apologize; this sermon increased the confusion. Instead of helping, it became still more puzzleing. So, does the SSPX allow a priest to say that and does not ban him to continue his sermons or at least explain his mistake to the people?

As a matter of fact, the following week Fr. Johnson was back at Our Lady Help of Christians, again without any apology or explanation for the confusion caused, leading many parishioners to wonder if this is his private view, and if so, why is he still with the SSPX.

May Our Lord and Our Lady also grant humility to priests to admit mistakes made publicly in order to strengthen the faith of the faithful and not further confuse them in these confusing times!



Priests in Concert


Oh my! Here is another upcoming concert.

How atrocious!

Can you do another post re the dignity of the priest?


Ad for priests in concert night"


Bill Clinton Pays Tribute to Francis

Dear TIA,

I don’t know who is the most corrupt…

I would say that it is Immorality paying tribute to Apostasy.


Bill Clinton shaking hands with Pope Francis


Abuse under the Hippocratic Oath


You are getting this email as you are professionally considered to be in a field of influence regarding certain abuses of human rights and can make a difference.

Book Abuse Under the Hippocratic Oath by Dara Stefan has just been published and it emphasises a large number of children's and general human rights abuses in the West that are unacceptable in this day and age and that cover a huge number of victims.

The book primarily is about a doctor "sperm donor" whose brother is one of top global humanitarian executives whose work touches each one of us. The doctor has been producing a huge number of children over around 20 years, lying to the mothers, blackmailing some and playing horrific games with so many causing lots of damage. He's also taken part in a well-documented Child Maintenance fraud, yet seems to be fully protected in everything he does no matter how many victims report him and what clear evidence they provide. His brother seems to have condoned his brother's behaviour while preaching children's and women's rights to the Developing world!

The book also bravely depicts the reality behind refusal to legislate over many abuses of people like donor-conceived children, noisy neighbours, unaccountability in family courts, ignoring "small crime" as irrelevant, treating serious mental abuse as trivial in courts, bullying at work and in school, destruction of family life, promotion of promiscuity, imposition of extreme secularism, attacks on religious freedom and basic moral values, sickening sexualization of children in state schools in 52 countries, some true causes of poverty and hindrance to social mobility, xenophobia, snobbery, the extremist fathers' rights and feminist groups etc.

It is truly imperative that people like you, or those you know, who can help do so as this is beyond wrong and hypocritical considering the high and overarching global status of Western governments, academia etc.

Abuse Under the Hippocratic Oath - Dara Stefan




Magnetic Elements in the Vax

Dear TIA,

New evidence was found that the vaccines contain magnetic elements that makes your body receive and transmit information to an external computer.

Read here.



In Brazil Bishops Promotes Vax

Dear TIA,

Brazilians are smart enough to fear the vaccinations. So what do the Brazilian Bishops do? They enter the picture to persuade Catholics to be vaxed.

It isn’t enough to destroy the structure of the Church, now the Novus Ordo Church wants to kill the people also.

Read here.

What else should we expect?

     Viva Cristo Rey!



Should Women Become Bible Scholars?

Dear TIA,

Back in March, I sent you an email asking questions on academic professions and one of my questions was regarding the appropriateness or inappropriateness regarding a woman receiving a degree in religious studies and becoming a scholar on religion.

I wanted to ask your opinion on such a matter again including one regarding biblical studies by sending a new email since my older one might have gotten lost in the flood of other emails you probably receive daily.

My question is: Is it against a woman's nature to join religious studies and becoming a scholar on religion? Should this profession only be reserved for men? How about a woman receiving a degree in biblical studies and becoming a Bible scholar?

Thank you for your time. It is much appreciated.


Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear R.T.,

I apologize for the delay in responding to your question. I will gladly offer my opinion on the topic of whether a woman should become a scholar in Religion.

Given that men by nature are more prone to objective and logical thinking, I believe that the fields of Religion and Philosophy belong to them, as was the rule in the past. It suits the nature of men, as the medieval Doctors noted well, but not the nature of women, to enter into serious study on these topics.

Having said this, I believe that, as an exception, if a woman were to pursue a sensible course of study in Religion or History for her own benefit, or inside a convent, it could well be beneficial and could help to fulfill her spiritual / intellectual needs, as some persons profit from studies more than others.

I believe it is not wrong for a woman to study Religion. Some women can even be called to it, although it is often the exception rather than the rule.

From the time of the Middle Ages, women in convents studied Latin, read spiritual works, and engaged in transcribing. As early as St. Jerome, we have St. Paula and her daughter assisting the Saint in the translation of the Vulgate, dedicating their lives to study under his guidance. There were many great Abbesses such as Saint Hild, Saint Lioba, Saint Gertrude, Saint Hildegarde von Bingen, who were deeply immersed in matters of Religion and read and studied much.

However, please note, until the 17th century women did not enter the universities and pursue careers as professors, and even up to the 19th century it was a novelty for a woman to pursue higher degrees. Further, the study of Theology in the medieval and even later universities (at least until the 20th century) was strictly for men.

In the study of Religion, women followed men and were directed by men, usually priests, who often encouraged them in their studies when they discerned it would be a good for them and others.

So, on one side we have Feminism pushing women to have degrees, including degrees in religious matters, and this inclines us to think it is wrong. On the other hand, we have the examples of great women saints who studied, which lead us to imitate them.

There is not one unswerving answer to your question. The spirit of the study and its aim are what should count for a decision.

As a final note, allow me to stress that more important than to have a degree is to have Catholic sense, which today has almost disappeared.

Regarding Catholic sense and common sense, in my opinion, for women the most important thing is to know how to do well those things that are proper to women: Housekeeping, sewing, cooking, home decor, gardening, playing a musical instrument and singing, besides taking care of her husband and children if she is married, or of her family if she is not.

I hope this is of some help to you.


     Dr. Marian T. Horvat

Posted July 13, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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