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Swiss Guard & Saints of the Day

Dancing Nuns

Dear TIA,

Re: Sisters of Charity dance in Calcutta

I'm no fan of Mother Teresa, but I think the nuns in the video are Sisters of Charity, not her Missionaries of Charity.

It's still deplorable, of course.




Drumbeat of the Devil


Re: Sisters of Charity dance in Calcutta

Sisters of Charity perform Hindu dance in Calcutta and the drumbeat of the Devil goes on and on…



Vax: Bio-Weapon against Reproduction


Even feminist writer Naomi Wolf recognizes that the vaccines against Covid are destroying the reproductive system of the new generations.

In a recent interview she spelled it out perfectly well.

Read the full news report here.



Is the Swiss Guard Opening for Women?

Dear TIA,

Re: Swiss Guard Looking for New Recruits

No wonder the Swiss Guard is having trouble finding eligible members.

Catholic young man, with an unblemished reputation, can hardly risk it guarding this Pope friendly with homosexuals.

Also, look at the news below, the doors are being opened for women to invade it.


New Barracks

In recent years, there has been chatter within the Swiss Guard about the possibility of allowing women to join its ranks.

The main reason women are not allowed, at least since the beginning of the new millennium, is not gender, but housing, as the current barracks are small and cramped shared spaces, with just 12 single rooms for the entire 135-man army, making the addition of women into such tight quarters problematic.

Last year the Vatican unveiled plans to renovate the barracks, with a projected completion date of 2026, to mark the 520th anniversary of the founding of the Swiss Guard.

The plans include a much-needed expansion that is aimed not only at improving the life of the current guards, but which will also allow the possibility of allowing women to enlist in the future.

The new barracks are scheduled to be formally inaugurated May 6, 2027 and include floor plans for 123 single rooms spread out over four floors.

Read full report here


St. Monica's Feast Day

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

Thank you very much for the wonderful entry on St. Monica. I was looking forward to her entry into the Saints of the Day for a long time and Prof. Plinio's commentary was extraordinary.

He did not give us something specific to pray for like he normally does at the end of his commentaries, but if there is only one thing I take from St. Monica's story it is her incredible persistence in prayer.

May we ask St. Monica to help us persevere in prayer no matter how hopeless our circumstances make us feel.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Thank You for Your Comments on St. Pius X

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your inspiring article on Pope St Pius X, on today his Feast Day, which greatly encouraged me in my Catholic Faith! I refer here to this...

Reflecting upon what I had read, I decided in honor of the Saint and in honor of all those who had come before me transmitting and persevering in the Faith, I needed to learn more. So, tonight, I am delighted to say, I have enrolled in these 2 courses (for October 2022) to be given by Dr Edmund Mazza, a historian, who greatly loves the Catholic Church and greatly loves the Papacy! For me, it will be a monetary sacrifice but I decided to treat myself, recognizing my obligation to learn. …

See what a journey I undertook today -- all because of reading your Saint of the Day by Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira?

Before bidding you goodnight, I would love to share with you which lines from his article particularly moved me and set me upon today's quest...

May God bless you at Tradition in Action!


"At the hour when God wants to intervene, even in the darkest, more incomprehensible, and almost hopeless situation, a force acts in the Church and it moves the action of men and the reaction of the Catholic grassroots in the most unexpected and inconceivable ways."

"What should we ask of St. Pius X? There are so many things to ask that the best advice is to ask for everything: the unexpected victories, perseverance, the gift of raising the fury of the enemies, astuteness, and the courage to walk even to a martyr’s death if necessary."


St. Louis City Celebrates St. Louis Feast Day

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

August 25th was the Feast of Saint Louis, King of France. In the city of St. Louis we venerate our city's namesake with a special Festival, the main event of which is a 2-mile Procession.

This year marks the third annual Festival of Saint Louis. Since the first Festival in 2020, I notice each year is better than the previous. In particular, I want to highlight that more and more men are choosing to use suit and tie for the procession, whereas in previous years so-called "casual" fashions were much more prominent.

In the Marian cortège, for example, 4 men carried a statue of Our Lady. This statue was preceded by 8 brilliant flags and a grand Marian standard. The 15 or so men were all in jacket and tie, and some even chose to wear suits. What a splendid Counter-Revolutionary witness, not only for the general public, but also for other Catholics who still pay homage, in their dress, to the neo-barbarian fashions!

It is beyond doubt that Our Lady is giving many Counter-Revolutionary graces to the faithful of St. Louis. I wish it would be equally certain that we are adequately corresponding to those graces. Therefore, to the extent that we are failing to correspond and fulfill our vocation as a Catholic city, I ask the readers of the TIA site to pray for us. In particular, may Our Lady protect us from the Fifth Column forces, both clerical and lay.

Below, find a selection of photographs of the Procession, taken by Miss Kiera Petrick. To view the full photo album, including pictures of the Rosary at the St. Louis Statue which concluded the Procession, click here.

     In Maria,

     Mark Williams

St. Louis Feast Day Procession, St. Louis, MO


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 6, 2022

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