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Logic, Peter Speaks & Serious Children

The Indispensable Logic

Christ Our King: Thy Kingdom Come!

Good and dear moderators of Tradition in Action:

May I offer my compliments on your response to D.S. (If the Church Is Indefectible, Why Do You Not Accept the New Mass & the New Saints?); quite balanced and logical. A serious problem occurs when untrained but well-intentioned individuals think they can simply read texts and have an understanding of the Church's teachings.

A properly trained seminarian (and any serious Catholic layman) must study LOGIC for at least a year before proceeding to classical Philosophy (Metaphysics, et al) for at least two to four years. Then, and only then, is one properly disposed for the study of Catholic Theology.

I often advise such persons who approach me with out-of-context quotes and questions: if I read Gray's Anatomy (originally published in 1858) would you allow me to remove your appendix?

Please continue your prudent responses to your well-intentioned readers.

As always, be assured of my paternal benediction and prayers, especially at Holy Mass.

     I remain,

     In Christo Rege,

     The Most Reverend Monsignor +Thomas JF Sebastian


Trojan Horses of the Enemies


Re: If the Church Is Indefectible, Why Not Accept the New Mass & New Saints?

NEW MASS AND NEW SAINTS ARE NOT OF THE TRUE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH. They are Trojan Horses from within. New Mass and new Saints are made/created by Satanists-Jewish Freemasonry to destroy the Church from within and wipe out the KINGSHIP OF CHRIST.

The Vatican II Conciliar Church is a Counterfeit puppet for the NWO-LUCIFERIANS to bring out their Jewish "messiah" who is truly the ANTI-CHRIST.

Why Catholics are so blinded, deafened and dumbfounded???!!!



Newman's Aberrant Behavior


I just saw your article of August 20, 2008, on "A 'Gay' Newman" and I would like to send you this video of August 22, 2021, by Ascent of Mount Carmel (which has made 11 investigative videos on Cardinal Newman) in order to update and add it to your article.

In this video entitled, Cardinal Newman's Scandal - Part Two, it tells (from 3.04 to 3.52), what Cardinal Newman did when his alleged life-partner, John St. Ambrose died, that no one in history perhaps has ever done. [The script of the words spoken by the expositor follows:]

In 1912 Wilfred Philip Ward, a Catholic, wrote a generally favorable two-part biography of Cardinal Newman entitled, The life of John Henry Cardinal Newman. Ward was also the editor of the Dublin Review which was a periodical that had earlier published Newman's article, "The Idea of University."

In the biography, Ward recorded, "When Ambrose Saint John died, Newman threw himself on the bed by the corpse and spent the night there."

So, this not only increases the level of scandal caused by this manifestly sketchy saint, it also increases the revulsion Newman inspires by his extremely aberrant behavior.

Actually this is significantly beyond aberrant. Can you name, just one person, in all of recorded history, who slept the night curled up to a corpse of the same sex?



Where Peter Is Missing

Dear TIA,

The website "Where Peter Is" attacks TIA, falsely accusing your organization of saying the real Sister Lucy was murdered.

This man is so dishonest and intellectually bankrupted that I don't see why anyone would take him seriously. He can be quite offensive and dismissive.

This piece was from May of this year. In it, he attacks "reactionaries" who oppose the Vatican's cozying-up to communist China.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Where Peter Is Speaking

Dear TIA,

I recently found on the Yore Children website this quote by Pope Benedict XV in 1920 about the New World Order. The foresight of that Pontiff is quite impressive.


Prophetic Pope Benedict XV quote


Dangerous Extremists


Here is my response to the pathetic Atlantic magazine calling the Rosary an extremist "weapon" of the right.

Frank Rega

Nuns with the Rosary


Natural Seriousness of Children

Dear TIA,

Today I was reminded of a quote from St. Therese's autobiography, Story of a Soul.

"I loved cultivating my little flowers in the garden Papa gave me. I amused myself, too, by setting up little altars in a niche in the middle of the wall. When I completed my work, I ran to Papa and dragged him over, telling him to close his eyes and not open them till I told him. He did all I asked him to do and allowed himself to be led in front of my little garden, then I'd cry out: 'Papa, open your eyes!' He would open them and then go into an ecstasy to please me, admiring what I believed was really a masterpiece!"

I was touched by this quote because it contains two valuable lessons.

First, it illustrates that good children are naturally serious. They understand that life is not a joke, and their actions are important. Contrary to the modern myth that children must be spontaneous and silly, the children of ages past were careful, methodical and thoughtful.

Second, the quote teaches that children should be taken seriously. Parents and other adults should never laugh at children or disregard their emotions, no matter how trivial they seem. I remember that, when I was a young child, I hated when I was not taken seriously. Conversely, I was always very pleased to be treated like a little adult, as it made me feel valued. I do not mean, of course, that children should be treated as their parents' equals. However, children will find it difficult to respect authority figures if they are not taken seriously themselves.

St. Therese's father provides an excellent example of how a parent should behave. He was not embarrassed to spend time admiring his daughter's gardens. Furthermore, I am sure that he genuinely did appreciate little Therese's artwork. He had a pure soul, and did not allow his pride to make him believe that his daughter's concerns were "beneath him."

Let us ask St. Therese to pray for modern children and parents.

     In Maria,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 16, 2022

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