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Fr. Stu, Heroic Britain & Communist Answer

Danger of Watching


Re: 'Father Stu': A Blasphemous & Irreverent 'Redemption Story'

A million thanks for the review of the Father Stu movie!

Most of the Catholics I know are interested in it. You have saved us the danger of having to endure watching what has been promoted as a "good" movie!



Rotten Side


Please thank Marian Horvat for me for sacrificially enduring the movie Fr. Stu so that I am spared from watching it! Though it is no real excuse, the movie business has a truly rotted side.

Actors know they can make a lot of money making the trash that people buy. Gibson may be getting critics off his back so he can concentrate on filming The Resurrection, as well as making money to produce The Resurrection.

I also understand that he is bi-polar & suffers from stress a lot.

Thank you.



Missing the Point?


Re: Fr. Stu commentary by M. Horvat

Well... Marian has reinforced what no reader of TIA can miss: a great skill and emphasis on criticism from a narrow view.

The level of criticism seems to have missed the point of the Fr. Stu movie i.e. it is Hollywood, not a biography. A 'biopic' relating to non-Catholic viewers perhaps more than seeking to satisfy Catholics.

In addition, it seems discrediting to TIA to claim no "conversion" in the movie. Especially when it was so obvious given the actual footage of the real Fr. Stu.

Most people can look out their window and understand that those living around them have at least one foot in the reality of the struggle of existence. And, likely have one or more of the human struggles portrayed in the film. The commentary did a good job criticizing the sinners Jesus came to save. The outcome of which is a 'live' process and not a static opinion, black and white, as provided by TIA. The thought to "hate the sin, love the sinner" seemed lost in formations of her opinion about the Father Stu movie.



Heroic Britain


I cannot believe that you publish a letter about who opposed whom in the Second World War, without mentioning Britain and her Commonwealth.

Let us have some historical facts:

Britain and France declared war on Germany on 3rd September, 1939. Germany had not declared war on them but with its Russian allies had attacked Poland. France surrendered on 22nd June 1940. For a year and a half Britain, with her glorious allies, Canada India, Australia, New Zealand and other commonwealth countries, stood alone. German bombers ravaged London, Birmingham, Coventry, Liverpool, Manchester, etc., etc., etc.,

On December 8, 1941, one day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the United States declared war on Japan. This prompted Germany to declare war on the United States, which, in turn, led the United States to declare war on Germany on December 11, 1941. As one born in 1941, I cheered the American forces when they eventually arrived in Britain.

As in the First World War, they arrived late but their bravery, fighting abilities, and resourcefulness made all the difference. When America joined the allies Winston Churchill wrote in his diary that there would still be days of war but he was now certain that, with the Americans on our side, we would win.

     Yours etc.,

     Eric Hester


Communist Narrative on WWII

Dear TIA,

In the name of objectivity, I wanted to throw some light on the facts concerning a recent post about the May 9th victory celebration in Moscow of the Allies over the Nazis.

First, the historical record show that:
  1. The Soviet Union can be credited with the destruction of roughly 80% of the Nazi military machine. The US-UK correspondingly can be credited with no more than 20% of the Allied war effort.

  2. Hitler, in fact, was defeated by the USSR and the USA. After the Battle of Stalingrad in February 1943 and the Battle of Kursk in August 1943, Germany had effectively lost WWII. D-Day was a year later, in June 1944. Soviet armies caused more than 90% of total German casualties. Nevertheless, Americans remember that it was us who defeated Hitler.

  3. The scale and scope of the battles on the Eastern Front completely dwarf the biggest battles on the Western Front. Battles in the West involved Divisions and Brigades, in the East they involved Armies and Groups of Armies. That is at least one order of magnitude of difference.

By the way – who are the current allies the US are so busy helping now?
  • The Wahabi regime in Saudi Arabia

  • The Nazi regime in the Ukraine

  • The last officially racist Christian hating regime on the planet in Israel.

Do these really strike you as allies worth supporting?

Second, Red Square: Red Square’s name is related to the crimson color of its numerous buildings and has nothing to do with the Communist Party’s association with the color red. Red Square was known as Trinity Square, in honor of Trinity Cathedral, which stood on its southern end during the rule of Ivan III. From the 17th century onward, however, Russians began calling the square by its current name, “Krasnaya Ploschad.” The name is derived from the word krasnyi, which meant beautiful in Old Russian, and which also came to mean red.

Third, the Soviet symbols at the Victory Parade: What we call World War II the Russians call “the Great Patriotic War.” More than 28 million Russians died in the War (compared to 450,000 Americans dying in WWII). Every Russian family lost multiple family members in the war. The war was obviously fought under the Soviet flag and the event is a commemoration of the heroism of those who gave their lives in the war for the Motherland.

The parade celebrates the Allied victory in WWII. The Moscow celebrates Russia's role in as a part of the Soviet Union. The parade takes place under banners representing a synthesis of Russian history. Namely under: the current Russian Flag, the two-headed Imperial Eagle, the banner of St. George, of St. Andrew, and, the flag of the Soviet Union - under which 8 million soldiers and 17 million civilians of the Soviet Union died fighting Germany and its allies.

It hardly means Russia today is communist or even those who died did so fighting for communism, rather than for Mother Russia.

If the author of the post would have taken the time to watch the whole video of this Victory celebration and previous ones, he would see that it begins with the defense minister Shoigu stopping under the Icon of Christ below the Tower Clock, crossing himself, and then, beginning the parade.

Thank you for your time.



Concentration Camp


Our world, the entirety of modern civilization, has been turned into a vast concentration camp. And it is about to get worse as we see in China, where authorities have no problem turning a mighty city of 27 million into a prison.

So in China, it is many cities totaling 400 million people locked out of life. Zero COVID equals zero intelligence, zero love, and zero compassion. The same can be said about zero-carbon. There is zero intelligence in zero-carbon because the world is not warming but getting colder each year.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 17, 2022

The opinions expressed in this section - What People Are Commenting - do not necessarily express those of TIA

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