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Malaga Holy Week & Siamese Twins

Beauty to Behold

Dear Atila,

I don't really know how to find the words to express my gratitude to the people of Malaga, Spain, as presented in the video link here.

Each time I watched the procession, I wept, and I viewed it several times today. I believe I have never seen such a beautiful thing in all of my life! Particularly moving was the deep love seen in the faces of the men as they lifted Our Lady, despite the great weight of the palanquin in which she was seated. The segments of Jesus being whipped were also very poignant.

To know that this beautiful and wonder-filled procession takes place each year gives a hope that I have never felt before. To believe that these types of events will be commonplace in the Reign of Mary provides an unsurpassed degree of comfort and joy. There are just no words for such an experience!

Several years ago, I recall my second daughter being revolted upon seeing the images of Sr. Buder and uttering: "I wish my eyes had never seen that." In sharp contrast, I give the utmost thanks that my eyes were able to behold such beauty!

Thank you so much for posting that video I somehow never saw before. Incidentally, I watched the video that YouTube has that follows the one referenced, and was able to see the full length of Our Lady's dress. So impressive and majestic but never grand enough for the gift God gave to our poor world! May she soon reign over all hearts with her Son, Jesus, very, very soon!

Appreciative of all you do and with prayers that you remain under Our Lady's mantle of protection and tender care,

     E.M.S., PhD, CCC-SLP

     "Act as if each day were your last, and each action the last you will perform."
     St. Francis de Sales


Pierced & Immaculate Heart of Mary


Because of the sword that, on Good Friday, pierced Mary's Immaculate Heart, we have access to her heart.

Her sorrow surpassed all the pain and sorrow of the martyrs combined and THAT sorrow was surpassed by Our Lady's love for Jesus her God and her motherly love for us her children.



Easter Wishes


I wish a very rich and deep Holy Week, filled with hatred for sin, to all at TIA.

And the True Joy of a valid and licit Mortal=Sin-free Easter / Paschal Sunday and beyond for all.

There is no other Easter. I am grateful for your work each day. Thank you.



Jesus as the Devil's Siamese Twin

Dear TIA,

That we could reach the state where a public statue would be placed in our country that shows Our Lord Jesus Christ and the devil as Siamese twins is just too much to believe. (here)

But it is a fact. The place is Runyon Canyon in California. The so-called demonic artist says it’s “fun.” People’s reactions were even more shocking: “It’s cool!” "It's free expression - it’s art!”

The statue was removed after a weekend, but it is beyond terrible.

It should awake the wrath of God, already so sorely tried.



Vatican Corrects 'Extraordinary Form' Error
in New Constitution


I just read this article about how the Vatican is correcting the term “extraordinary form” used in the new constitution by Francis:

“In Traditionis custodes and the 'responsa' that followed, Pope Francis indicated that the Old Mass should no longer be considered the 'extraordinary form' of the Roman Rite, a term introduced by his predecessor Benedict XVI in Summorum Pontificum, his 2007 document liberalizing the celebration of Traditional Latin Masses.”

You can read more here.

This is the way of concessions: Give a little, eventually lose everything.

First, it was the Tridentine Mass, then the indult Mass, then the extraordinary form. Now we are told that the latter is not permissible, and we are waiting for the “new formulation” to be presented.

From the beginning they wanted to put the true Latin Mass into a Museum behind glass.

Our concessions have not led to a victory, but a defeat.

     Viva Cristo Rey!



The Chastisement...


Note: As our schools and universities, media and government officials all conspire to both destroy the souls of the young and our country, the military is being reduced as much as possible, our children indoctrinated into the LGBT plague, and our nation being set on a course of complete communist surrender, as we ready ourselves for WW3.

Fatima warned us of what was coming, that all the nations of the world will become communist, as is America, under our noses. Nothing and no one will save America from a punishment well deserved until Our Lord steps in...and by then it will be a sad day for America.

Sides are preparing for WW3 and the final takedown of America as we turn our attention toward the messages and warnings from heaven. Over 100 Catholic prophecies warn of the "surprise attack" of WW3 and the attack on Europe and America.

Fatima, and these over 100 Catholic prophecies, warn of WW3 and that America will be a "killing field" as WW3 begins, prophecies that the Military, Media and Government are ignoring...

  • Sister Lucia, April 7, 1999 [sic!]: Russia will attack both Europe and the USA, however, because Russia was not converted (It will be during WW3), America will be spared the prison camps.
  • Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, 1895-1961: Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and she will attack America with her "secret" armies.
  • Pope St. Pius X: "I saw my successor, of like name, fleeing over the bodies of his brethren, as the Russians attack both Rome and Italy."
  • Pope JPII asked a German Mystic what he had seen in his visions, to which he replied: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West, and tanks, armored vehicles, and weaponry in numbers the world never imagined they had been preparing.
  • Alois Irimaier: Prophecies of the Russian attack on Europe.
  • Marie Julie Jahenny: Relates the Russia attack on Europe and revolutions in France and Western Europe that precede WW3 by a few months.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 19, 2022

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