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Capistrano, Huxley & Judge on Navy Vax

Capistrano, an Anti-Ecumenical Saint

Dear TIA,

Why don't we hear about St. John of Capistrano? Here's why.

I found this painting today after reading the beautiful Saint of the Day today by Dr. Plinio. A Saint who, at the age of 70, fearlessly entered into battle with the Crusaders against the Muslim Turks, encouraging the Crusaders and defending the "walls of the House of God".

Because of him, Belgrade and all of Christendom were saved from Muslim invasion. What an appropriate Saint for our times, in which we see our Church and society attacked from all sides! We must invoke him especially to give us courage in the fight against the Revolution, and during the Chastisement especially.

I was wondering why we don't hear more about St. John of Capistrano, especially since we have San Juan de Capistrano as one of our California Missions. Well, I was looking for paintings of this great Saint to see if there was some face I could pay my reverence to, and I found one painting in the Museo del Prado by Alonso del Arco, which I think gives the answer to my question.

Note the banner of Our Lord that he is holding: the bottom of the banner has a spear, which is poking the eye of a Muslim Turk, who is being stepped on by St. John of Capistrano.

I hope you enjoy, it really filled me with hope and enthusiasm. Certainly this painting would ruin Progressivists' hope for ecumenism, especially the new Archbishop of Algiers, he would probably shudder at the sight of it.

     In Jesu et Maria,


Saint John of Capistrano


On Judgment Day...


Keep up the good work. Our Lady is pleased!

Suggestion: Encourage everyone to say the Rosary daily. On your website, print the Mysteries of the Rosary: The Sorrowful, The Glorious and The Joyful.

On Judgment Day... it will be me /you v. The Tribunal... Each one of us will be ALONE... (no parents, no priests, no friends) Just ALONE...

BEG Our Lady and your Guardian Angel to be at your side...

This is the 1st day of Eternity...

Saint Alphonsus has told us frequently to ponder the word ETERNITY.

I find it hard... but, what a thought...

     In Two Hearts,



Other View on Damascus Mission


I just saw came across your post about Damascus from another account I was on and just wanted to share from my own experience :) I was just at Damascus this weekend for the first time. I went in with an open mind, but I’ve heard a lot of different opinions about it. I can’t speak for what summer camp is like, but the weekend I just had was great. Damascus is, yes, a mission's camp that hones in on the charismatic arm of the church.

But - everyone there is extremely well formed, have exceptional reverence for the Mass and sacraments and Blessed Sacrament. It is clear that Not once did in my time there I feel like I was at a night club…

I’m only sharing to let you know as someone who veils, attends Latin Mass when able, and would consider myself “traditional” in general that places like Damascus can’t be judged by one video of summer camp. And not looking to change your mind about it or tell you to go there to see for yourself, but to at least share.

Also - I went to the link in your bio and read the short piece linked to the post. The worship was not at a parish, St. Andrews, but is at the camp in their auditorium. The Blessed Sacrament is not present there.

I’m not sure if Damascus is a place I would go back any time soon, but I did want to say that I think it gets a bad rep unnecessarily. Again, I just wanted to share as someone who has been there.


     Ad majorem Dei gloriam ,



Huxley 'Prophecy' on Voluntary Society Slavery


For the records: Another prevision of Aldous Huxley on our present day state of being submitted to a universal pharm dictatorship.


Aldous Huxley


Navy Forbidden to Punish Vax Deniers


This news report is very BIG NEWS that our Navy Son made us aware of on Sunday, 3/27/22. This is the first official report verifying it that I've seen!

As I read this, you cannot BLANKETLY deny and/or PUNISH any Member of the Navy for refusing to obey an unlawful order to take a shot that has proven very serious medical consequences and whose development violates their religious beliefs, resulting in their appeal for a Religious Exemption!

People of faith and right reason are under no obligation to commit suicide either physically or morally to please the rants of Godless Globlalists who couldn't care less about their welfare, which, on its face, is a violation of Military Regulations since the Welfare of the Individual, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine and Coastguardman is supposed to be THE priority of their COMMANDERS from Flag Officers on down the Chain of Command!

     Gary Morella


Eerie Vatican 2 Church in the Philippines


Good morning from the Philippines!

Please include in your documentation the happenings in the Roman Catholic church in the Philippines.

I posted here some of the links that have gone viral.

But actually it's more than that.

Mr. Ferdinand "Bong-bong" Marcos is more respected here in the Philippines compared to the Novus Ordo Church sponsored communist-leaning fake Vice President Leni Robredo.

The most shocking part in the present Philippine ecclesiastical scenario is that many of the novus ordo churches here are used more as a political assembly venue than a place for solemn prayer.

Where are we gonna go? Everything turned upside down. The only help you can give us is to make this reality obvious to the minds of those who still believe that Novus Ordo is Catholic.

Only truth shall set us free...

Hoping that in our lifetime we will see the grace of entering our Roman Catholic Church as a place of worship and sanctuary, where Our Lord is waiting for us to bestow His grace and blessings.

See here, here and here.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 31, 2022

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