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Marriages, St. Michael & Naming Animals

Unhappy Marriages


Thank you for the post 'We Must Pray and Fight for Victory'

Despairing here at Mt. Tabor even among 'the best'. Endless contradictions. Endless enmeshment. Holy Matrimony is fully betrayed. A male Latin scholar guest left today in tears. His Catholic wife 'divorced' him, left for occult. He has no support. No clarity about marriage.

There are endless 'annulled' guests here and other marriage are nightmares.

Remember; the children of the 'annulled' are now gently termed 'annullards'. They are no longer 'bastards' or 'illegitimate children.' Let's hug!

Rarely does a day go by that I do not think of TIA in gratitude. That gratitude will continue in 2022.

     Thank you from all faithful valid licit spouses in all of Christian history!



Today, Who Is a Catholic Hero?


Re: 'Blessed' Acutis

While I concur wholeheartedly with your concerns over the canonization process, this statement: [The number of false blessed and saints has greatly increased as we see traitors, communists, socialists, freemasons, heretics and even homosexuals who are being declared blessed and saints by the Conciliar Popes in order to do away with the past glory of Catholic sanctity.] REALLY was a surprise.

I knew the canonization process had the appearance of being sloppy... I had no idea it was at this level.

This is a complete, total, heartbreaking mess. We have the need of heroes... not a situation where we cannot tell the guys in white hats from the ones in black hats (an old west analogy rather than a religious one).

I would be sincerely interested to see who we could hold up from our modern world as a Catholic hero.

     Thank you!


TIA responds:


Yes, the situation is worse than the appearances.

We hope that counter-revolutionary heroes still exist in China's Catholic Underground Church, among some Catholics in Ukraine and perhaps among some Catholic small groups without compromise in the West.

But, we should not be discouraged. We always have Elias and Enoch and perhaps also St. John the Evangelist who belong to the Militant Church and keep the Faith and Apostolic Succession.


     TIA correspondence desk


St. Michael Statues in Churches

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am hoping you can help me with some information on any custom or tradition by which St. Michael statues are placed in Catholic Churches.

I enjoy your website and learn a lot from your articles.

     Thank you and God bless you.


TIA responds:

Dear L.M.H.,

The use of paintings, icons and statues of St. Michael the Archangel in Catholic Churches is a long-standing tradition. We do not have any sources readily available that give the precise history of when the custom began.

Although we do not habitually recommend Wikipedia as a solid source, you might start your research with its article Archangel Michael in Christian Art. It recommends the scholarly work Saint Michael the Archangel in Medieval English Legends by Richard Johnson as a source that could a more reliable work.

We hope this is of help to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


How to Name Animals

Dear TIA,

I agree with you and Prof. Plinio very much on the rather controversial topic regarding animals. It is wrong for people to humanize them and treat them as their equal. Especially with going as far as to become an “activist” and advocate for the “rights” of them.

It is disturbing how people tolerate and even support the murder of unborn children but are horrified when animals are killed for food, clothing, etc.

With all of that aside, there are some questions I have and that I am curious about.
  • Is it okay for a person to name his pet?

  • And depending whether it is a male or female, to refer to it with gendered pronouns?

  • How about petting it but not in a way that is immoderate or constant? I am mostly referring to domestic pets like dogs. I will include cats too.
I am asking because I wonder if doing these things are balanced and not in way that humanizes them a little. I hope I was clear with my questions.

     Thank you Tradition in Action for all the excellent and informative work you do.


TIA responds:

Dear R.T.,

Thank you for your support, consideration and kind words about our work.

It is encouraging to see that you and we are on the same page on these topics.

In principle an animal should be referred to as "it," and there is a kind of wrong "humanization," as you labeled it, to call them by "he" or "she."

In practice, however, it can be very handy to name animals, especially when a person has more than one. If someone has three dogs and trains them well, there is no way to call one of them without a name. The same applies to horses, cats and other domestic animals. This rule would apply with more difficulty to chickens. Now then, if a person gives a name to an animal, normally it should have concordance to its sex.

We believe it is bad taste to name animals after historical personages – Napoleon, Frederick II, Bismarck etc. – as some anti-French or anti-German persons do. By doing this the person always runs the risk of offending acquaintances who may be named after those leaders or admire them.

A good choice of names, in our opinion, would be after elements of nature: So, a horse could be called Thunder or Zephyr; a small black female dog could be called Black Pearl. Others prefer to name their animals after personages in pagan mythology: Titan, Zeus or Triton for male animals; Hera, Cybele or Iris for females. If a man names his horse Thunder, it is easier to call it "it", but if he chooses to call it Titan, he is more or less obliged to call it "he," to fit the name.

So, the fact of a person referring to an animal with a masculine or feminine pronoun may be just a question of concordance with the name he chooses. Nonetheless, we agree with you that there is a general revolutionary tendency to consider the "it" with antipathy and the "he" and "she" with sympathy.

We hope these observations give you the guidelines you requested.


     TIA correspondence desk

P.S. - A previous question you sent us on the adequacy of buying products from China and other communist countries was responded to here. We are sorry if you did not receive a notification about the posting.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 6, 2022

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