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Satanist, Lucy & Sharon Stone

You Were Attacked by a Satanist


Re: Jewish Extortion & Monophysite Rage

Regarding Josh Amster, I do not know if you did any research on this individual. I took the opportunity to visit WeFunder and his name does not show up anywhere on their website. A Josh Amster does appear on StartEngine as a VP of Sales and Business Development. StartEngine, like WeFunder, offers "everyday people" to become angel investors.

Being quite experienced in financial investment methods and having a great deal of experience working with venture capitalist and angel investors, I am quite familiar with this latest form of ponzi scheme. One should beware that this type of investment method is no different than the ponzi scheme of the late Bernie Madoff. Venture Capitalists are/ were derogatorily known as "VCs" that is, Viet Cong. Looking at StartEngine's site, one would see that a TV "Shark," Kevin O'Leary, is a "Strategic Advisor". Nuf said.

I provide this because I wish for your audience to know that these type of people are truly devious, some absolutely demonic. What is worse, it is unfortunate that for centuries, these Talmudic Jews not only deny Jesus Christ, but appear to be part of the "mystery of iniquity" referenced in the Bible. Oh, and their families typically love to change their names to hide their Jewish heritage.

Who are they? I recommend you view this video for a better historical perspective of these satanists.

     Yours in Christ,



Scottish & Mexican Folk Dresses

Dear TIA,

Re: Do Encourage the Use of Traditional Folk Dress

I love the traditional Dress. My husband's family actually comes from a long line of Danish - so for instance in the old day's he would have been called Son of Richard or Richardson - of course our family name is something else since they do not do it this way any more. Or son of Frederik, Frederikson, etc. I would love to have the traditional dress to wear.

My mom's side of the family has Campbell lines from the Scottish, and I would love to have a Campbell tartan fabric skirt or dress. Anyway, at our wedding we chose to find the Hamilton clan fabric and my husband wore a bit of the clan fabric as his cummerbund and I had something attached to my dress during our reception. :)

It is too bad all of this has gone out of style for anyone in the US who might be a little bit related. We should get out traditional dress during certain holidays - good idea. I am also Mexican American on my dad's side. I feel that wearing something blue for Our Lady of Guadalupe on her feast day would be appropriate.

OK, well, gotta go!



Counting Ballots

Dear TIA,

If the dead were to stop voting, the Democrats would never win…


Democrat dead ballots


Requiem for the Traditional Latin Mass


Re: Pope Francis announces a requiem for the Old Latin Mass

What a narrow-minded, cruel, nasty man!

I wonder, though, if many bishops will just ignore him. They have enough to do without joining Francis in persecuting the faithful.

Hitler asked his generals to burn Paris, and they ignored him. Perhaps we will have the same here.



Chojnowski Watering Wet Ground

Dear Dr. Horvat,

I remember reading a number of your articles (here and here) on this subject more than a decade ago... it seemed to me at the time that your photographic analysis was quite definitive.

Dr. Chojnowski has resurrected your original thesis and is attracting a good deal of attention for his Sister Lucy Truth site.

Has Dr. Chojnowski uncovered any new information on this topic or merely capitalizing on your original work?


Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear J.K.,

Thank you for your inquiry.

I do not believe that Dr. Chojnowski has uncovered any new information, although he has raised considerable funds and hired a company to demonstrate that a careful analysis of the two sets of pictures shows: the impossibility that the face of Sister Lucy II is the same as Sister Lucy I.

However, this had already been demonstrated by The Servants of the Holy Family in Colorado who hired an age progression and regression photo company to come up with the same conclusion: The photos of Sister Lucy I and II are definitely different people. Mr. Guimarães analyzes the results here.

I am glad Mr. Chojnowski, who was, I am told, quite skeptical of my article when it appeared in 2006, has taken the opposite view and now supports my thesis.

How the change was made by the Vatican and all the complex details this would involve has not, however, been discovered. Perhaps we will only know the truth in the Reign of Mary, or at the Last Judgment.


     Dr. Marian T. Horvat


Sharon Stone: 'Listen to your pope, people'


Look who is now promoting Pope Francis! No one less than Sharon Stone, the model of all virtues, specially of chastity...


Sharon Stone says Church must listen to Pope Francis
welcome LGBTQ Catholics

Claire Giangravé

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — Hollywood’s ultimate femme fatale, actress Sharon Stone, has spoken up once again regarding the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality, this time urging the Vatican Curia to listen to what, in her view, is Pope Francis’ push for the inclusion of LGBTQ Catholics.

“On gay marriage, on adoptions for singles, on various fronts, I want to say: Listen to your pope and respect him!” Stone told the Italian daily La Stampa, while attending the film festival at Cannes, France.

In the wide-ranging interview, published Tuesday (July 20), the actress portrayed Pope Francis as a supporter of LGBTQ rights who is embattled with a hostile Curia. “The church should open its doors to LGBTQ Catholics and the curia should accept the directives of this pope who is wonderful,” she said.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 29, 2021

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