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Satanist Marx, Vaccines & Reign of Mary

Lenin & Marx Updated

Hello TIA,

Someone sent me this picture and collage of texts. I don't know if the quotes are objective or if the interesting picture was photoshopped.

I hope this can help you in your fight.

Keep up the good work.


Lenin + Marx


Frontline Doctors' Guidelines on Vaccination


The Frontline Doctors issued a document on the vaccine that seems to me quite balanced.

I reproduce the 10 Facts they highlighted on the vaccines:
  1. They are not acting like vaccines, according to the common definition of a vaccine.

  2. The experimental vaccine only lessens symptoms.

  3. You do not need to be vaccinated if you have already contracted COVID-19.

  4. The experimental vaccine uses new technology never before used in a vaccine.

  5. The “vaccine” may make you sicker than if you hadn't taken it, especially the elderly.

  6. Inflammation at the placenta of pregnant women who receive the vaccine have been reported. Caution if you desire future pregnancies.

  7. There are effective, safe, affordable prevention and treatment medications for COVID-19.

  8. Deaths due to COVID-19 simply do not justify the use of any “experimental vaccine.”

  9. The known risks of vaccines can be serious.

  10. The experimental vaccines should be compared to other therapeutic medications to accurately determine their risk vs benefit.
If you want to read the full study, click here.



Pro-Circus Vatican


Re: Vatican wants circus industry back in action soon

My question - What does it mean by wanting it back? We have it going full time right now with the post Vatican II Circus.

It's got everything - diversity, immorality, jokes, fun and games...

No need for the circus to return as long as we have the clown Francis leading the Vatican circus.


Vatican wants circus back soon


Churches Allowed to Work at Full Capacity

Dear TIA,

I was glad to see that good sense is returning to some States. We have seen that South Dakota never entered lockdowns and masks, Florida got rid of them some time ago and now New Mexico is allowing churches to operate at full capacity.

Although it is only a partial breaking of the spell, I hope it will spread and become a complete rejection of these dictatorial and irrational measures.

A news report on the government decision can be read here.



Reign of Mary & Chastisement

Dr. Marian,

Happy feast day! I know this devotion is one of your very favorite: Our Lady of Good Council of Genazzano. May Our Lady help you on this day, and every day of the chastisement through which we must now pass! This is Her day.

This situation (the attack on all fronts) defies reason, so the articles below help me. When Our Lady crushes the head of the Devil, we will need courage, conviction, confidence, contrition — not false mercy. When the man we call pope opened the “doors of mercy”: that was Marxist deception. God’s justice IS his mercy. However, Our Lady plays a very unique and marvelous role today. When she opens the doors to the Reign of Mary, we must be prepared to fight the Revolution, but we will experience Her goodness and mercy.

I refer to the following articles on your website:
  • Our Lady of the Good Counsel of Genazzano

    One of great graces one finds at the feet of Our Lady of Genazzano and from the example of the noble Petruccia is that of confidence. If we have the courage to pray and act with confidence for great or impossible things, great and impossible things will be given us. God never refuses confident prayers, and bestows his gifts in proportion to our confidence.

    Today, as Our Lady warned at Fatima, we face an immense crisis that demands a supernatural solution. Yet those who confide in the great promise Our Lady gave, a promise of triumph and victory, should expect to see, like Petruccia, the fulfillment of that promise and to live and see at least the first days of that glorious Marian era predicted by St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, the great prophet of the Reign of Mary.

  • Grace of Contrition and Reign of Mary

  • What seems essential, however it will be, is that we should be asking now for a certain grace of contrition to prepare us…

    Given the extremity of the evil we are witnessing, it seems proper that we confide that Our Lady will manifest the extremity of her goodness in a way as never before. Therefore, we have to confide in Her mercy and trust completely in it. We will make our resistance with courage and conviction and confidence. And it is certain that Her goodness and mercy will open for us the doors of the Reign of Mary and the restoration of Christian Civilization in an unexpected and marvelous way.

  • The Divine Maternity of Our Lady

  • We,who fight for the defense of the Holy Church in the present day crisis and for the Reign of Mary as a new Christendom to come, receive an unlimited credit of mercy from Our Lady. It would seem that the passage of the Apocalypse could be applied to the mercy of Our Lady for us: “I have given before thee an open door, which no man can shut: because thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My word, and hast not denied My name” (Apoc 3:8).
Keep me in your prayers,

     In His peace,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 27, 2021

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