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Medrano Circus at the Vatican

Circus and more circus at the Vatican...
When the Popes were imitators of Our Lord Jesus Christ, they used to find their consolation in meditations on God and His glory, the spreading of the Gospel, the lives of Saints, the salvation of souls or the exaltation of Holy Mother Church in the battles against her enemies. Then, the Catholic Church was defined as the Church Militant.

After Vatican II, however, Progressivism dominated the Church. Now, the Popes are imitators of the world, promoters of human rights and advocates for social and ecological causes. The Church no longer converts heretics, schismatics, pagans or Jews. Instead, she promotes a Panreligion, at variance with the Catholic Creed. Our Lord, His glory and the expansion of His Church have been set aside, lost in oblivion. The Church is now presented as a Tolerant Church.

It comes to no surprise that in this atmosphere, Catholic piety and spiritual exercises are no longer sources of rest for the Conciliar Popes. They have to find distraction in the diversions of the world. This is why the Vatican is increasingly becoming a rostrum for circus shows.

Above, a performance of the Medrano Circus on January 28, 2009; below, Italy's American Circus on February 3, 2010.
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 25, 2010

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Our Lady of La Salette,
restore the Holy Church

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