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States Lifting Masks Mandate

Meaning of Inter-confessional


Re: Re: Inter-religious meeting in Ur

My question to you and other readers – what in the world is an ‘inter-confessional tent?’ OK, I don’t get that one! I didn’t think other religions even believed in ‘confession.’

This sounds so one world religion... and one world government.

Well, maybe the 3 days of darkness will hit soon... Isn’t it supposed to be near a Eucharistic feast day?


TIA responds:


An inter-confessional meeting means a meeting between two or more religions. Confessional refers to the belief that one or more of those present ‘confesses.’ It is normal to say: “I confess my creed,” as synonymous with “I profess my creed.”

In the article you mentioned on the inter-religious meeting in Ur, inter-confessional tent means a tent that was erected in Ur to host a ceremony in which Pope Francis participated along with representatives of different Muslim sects.


     TIA correspondence desk


The Power of Gregorian Chant


The Demons hate Gregorian Chant. This is one of the best. Put it on your Computer and loop it.

Your problems will go away with the Chant of the Angels!

Video available here.

     Gary Morella


Question for Young Authors

Hello Tradition in Action,

I’m a young Catholic author and I’m trying to make my work Church-approved.

Is there any book or guidelines I can follow to make sure it’s not another bad book, but actually something that Catholics can read in peace?

I mean, my idea was just to write it and then send it to good traditional Catholics and you in TIA to check it for me. Is that okay?

God bless from Denmark.


TIA responds:

Hello E.C.,

We understand your question, since today there is a great confusion about what true Catholic doctrine is.

The best guideline we know is to apply the norm given by St. Vincent of Lerins: Follow the Faith “which has been believed everywhere, always, by all Catholics.”  The full text can be found here.

When you finish writing your book, we will be glad to check it for you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Dancing Irish Redemptorists

Dear TIA,

These Dancing Irish Redemptorists remind me of the Shakers from two-hundred years ago. Their earlier “Holy Roller” type exhibitions were changed greatly by one of their first leaders, this before 1800, and very frequently as part of their service – they called it “laboring” – they would engage in fairly complex group dances.

There are worse things, but better for a Shaker to engage in dances than consecrated Catholic religious.


Shaker protestant heretics


Dr. Vernon Coleman on the Vaccine


This 21 minute video is a retired doctor’s concerned opinion on the dangers of Covid-19 and the “Vaccines” associated with it. He does a masterful job explaining, in laymen’s terms, how Corona viruses mutate making vaccines ineffective. But more importantly he points out the dangers of the effects of these “First of Kind, Vaccines” can have on the body’s natural immune system.

My take is: Since no public debate is permitted, and since there is absolutely no long term evidence to refute his concerns, why would anyone put these “experimental vaccines” in their body when there is a 98%+ chance of recovery if you catch Covid-19 in it's now ‘un-mutated’ form?

     R.H., Ph.D.


Short + Sweet

Dear TIA,

Let’s get this out there to 100 million sheep!!


Dr. Jim Meehan: “The CoVID-19 pandemic is about viral transmission. Surgical and cloths masks do nothing to prevent viral transmission. We should all realize by now that face masks have never been shown to prevent or protect against viral transmission. Which is exactly why they have never been recommended for use during the seasonal flu outbreak, epidemics, or previous pandemics.”


In Iowa & Many Other States

Dear TIA,

Finally! In Iowa even though the mask mandate was lifted by the governor, most places still require them.


States without mask mandates


A Titanic Metaphor

Dear TIA,

For me, the current situation is akin to the rough outline of the events preceding the Titanic disaster. It is as though we are on a transatlantic voyage where we (the Church) charted a course (Vatican II) that ignored the dangers inherent in taking a northern course during the winter (“the suicide of altering the Faith in the liturgy”; abandoning Thomistic theology; Aggiornamento, etc).

Our captain (the Popes since Fatima) has received several telegrams (Our Lady’s apparitions) warning of a large iceberg in the area (the Chastisement). Our captain (the current Pope) not only ignores the warning but decides to increase speed.

Meanwhile a dinner party is being held in the main dining room below deck. Some of society’s most influential people are in attendance and have invited him to join them as their guest of honor (embracing the spirit of the world). During this crucial point of the voyage the captain leaves the bridge. The passengers are enjoying a sumptuous multi-course dinner. They have heard the warnings and even see some ice when they went above deck to get some air or have a smoke. But it gives them even more cause to make jokes about venturing closer so they can put ice in their drinks.

At each table there may be one or two people that express some concern regarding the danger of the situation, but they are quickly told to stop their worrying and enjoy the party (most Bishops today). Only a handful of passengers heed the warnings and decide to head above deck, don their life preservers (Rosary) and remain close to the lifeboats (First Five Saturday devotion). In their minds, it is not a matter of if they will strike an iceberg, but when.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 23, 2021

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