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Instagram, Chinese Ballots & Nazi Lockdowns

List of LGBT-friendly Universities in the UK


My name is Alyssa and I'm a writer. I am writing to you regarding your page here with information and resources for the LGBTQ community.

Recently, I have conducted research and created a guide with the list of LGBT-friendly universities in the UK here.

This guide is up to date and contains only verified and useful information. I believe it will perfectly suit your site {Link} .

Would you please consider including my guides as resources that students can check on your website?

If you have any other questions or comments please let me know, I will appreciate your feedback.

      Alyssa Johnson, U.K.


TIA responds:

Hello Mrs. Alyssa Johnson,

Thank you for your email and very useful information regarding the pernicious progress of homosexuality in the U.K. universities.

We commend you for the serious and encompassing study you accomplished.

We forwarded your email to Mrs. Randy Engel, author of The Rite of Sodomy and one of the greatest experts on the topic in the United States; she is also a collaborator on our website. She may find it helpful for her ongoing research on the topic.


      TIA correspondence desk


TIA Post Censured by Instagram

Note to Readers: On the morning of November 18, 2020, the TIA Daily Post was censured by Instagram. The alleged reason was that our summary of the excellent article we posted on Transhumanism mentioning that Covid-19 was a manmade virus was based on "false information."

The agents of Instagram decided that no, Covid-19 is not a manmade virus, although scientists like Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier stated publicly that it was.

It is sad to realize that the sources on which Instagram bases itself for such a draconian decision believe they know better that Prof. Montagnier.

It looks that this censure was using science as a pretext to enforce the Chinese-inspired policy of maintaining the fear of Covid-19 in the population in order to deprive them of their most elementary rights.

Below we reproduce snap-shots of the allegations.

     The Editor

Instagram bans TIA post


West Point, an Aristocratic Institution

Dear TIA,

Re: Highly Aristocratic Institutions

West Point, New York: Country: United States: Denomination: Roman Catholic: Website History; Status: Church: Founded: 1899: Founder(s) Monsignor Cornelius O'Keefe: Dedicated: 1900: Consecrated: 1900: Architecture; Functional status: Active: Style: Gothic Revival: Completed: 1900: Administration; Archdiocese: Military Services, USA: Clergy; Priest(s) Father Wood (d. 2014) Pastor(s)

The Catholic spirit does live in America.




50 Million Abortions


We estimate that there have been over 65 million abortions since 1973. There have also been many more in-home abortions from RU-486. Millions more are added to the list from abortifacients used as birth control.

It isn't unreasonable to estimate that there must be at least 50 million women between 20 and 90 who have eliminated their preborn babies over the past 50 years. Nearly all consider themselves feminists. Millions of these women have been active in academia as teachers, as actresses in Hollywood, as journalists and reporters and news anchors in the Media and in politics.

When you come to grips with just how horrendous the sin of abortion is, you must realize how it eats at the consciences of these women. They often behave as though they are mentally damaged. The new screaming leftists in Congress are cases in point. The female anarchists taking part in the violent protests look as though they are possessed with demons. So many unattractive women are often seen in shops and malls simply covered with grotesque tattoos.

And who are the loudest and most vicious foes of President Trump? The feminist/abortionists.

Why? It is because Trump speaks of the preborn as God's gift of life and it pains their consciences to the breaking point. Their only hope to die sane is to beg God's forgiveness for the terrible crime they committed.

     We must pray for these lost souls... and pray often.



Killing Capitalists

Dear TIA,

I watched a disturbing video (here) of how the left wants to come after every Trump supporter.

One person even said to line them up against a wall and shoot them...

     In Jesu et Maria,



Ballots Printed in China


We are witnessing the results of a truly a global cabal.

First, we have this news report that Biden votes were printed in China (here), and second, suitcases and coolers were moving in and out of the secure area where mail-in ballots were being counted during a shift change at 4 a.m. (here)

     E.T.K., M.D.


Another Expert Speaks against Mask

Dear TIA,

I suggest that you watch The Great American Mask Rip Off on YouTube.

It is an interview conducted by Patrick Wood and Citizens for Free Speech presenting Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD, a board certified neurosurgeon, who presents the safety issues and science surrounding wearing face masks.



Lockdowns Is a Return to Nazism

Dear TIA,

Below is another angle for TIA to expose the democrat-socialist agenda imposing the lockdowns.


Holocaust Survivor Sees Pandemic Lockdown as a Return to Nazism

G. Edward Griffin

Vera Sharav spent three years of her childhood in Nazi concentration camps. You will be stunned by her tale of terror and near death. She says she survived only because she refused to cooperate.

Equally stunning, however, is the realization that all the dark features of Nazism, including surveillance, confinement, and the expectation of total obedience to the state in the name of the common good now are features of every country in the world, including those countries that defeated the Nazis in battle in World War II.

In other words, we have become what we once were willing to fight to the death to prevent. Vera says this horrifying transition was thrust upon us because of fear of a pandemic that was engineered by people who stand to make trillions of dollars from vaccines. Their goal is, not to keep us healthy, but to take our wealth and keep us in chains.

Watch this video at Red Pill University


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 19, 2020

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