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Riot Industry & Communion for Protestants

From the Bottom of My Heart

Dear TIA,

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible work you have made searchable and free on your website. At this time of year, we see the false devotion to sister Faustina/jp2 pop up like mold in a boat’s hold that never sees the light of day. And without the work you have collected (here, here, and here) it would be very difficult to precisely refute the proponents of this wildly heretical diary.

It will not be news to any of your readers that Modernism has infected the church like cancer. However this cancer even seems to have infected even areas of tradition. So without the collected body of work from TIA, it would be impossible to make an intelligent response online to people who are under the influence of these bad folks.

I encourage my brothers and sisters to collect and buy as many of the works from the site as you can and send them to good religious who have at least still the heart for the Faith. Again, thank you for what you have done with your lives, which is so important to the rest of us needing the ammunition against the enemies of the Church inside the Church.

      Ave Maria! Kindest regards,



The Riot Industry


I received this photo-message [below] from a friend. It is self-explanatory.

The Soros & Clinton money is producing an effect... It is indisputable.

It is a pity that our justice system is blind to see the billionaire criminals who are destroying this country.


BLM buses and salaries


340 Belgium Doctors


Nice website and info.

Where is the list of the 340 Belgium doctors who signed the document on Covid?

This is essential for validation.


      Patrick McCrystal, BSC Pharmacy


TIA responds:

Hello Patrick McCrystal,

We believe our source – the American Institute for Economic Research – and we did not look for the list.

But, since you doubt that source, you may direct your question to Jos Vanhoof, spokesman for the Flemish Doctors Syndicate or to Domus Medica, a Flemish association of practitioners. You may contact these associations directly or through the press. Both issued statements to The Brussels Times, which you may contact here.

We wish you a fruitful research.


      TIA correspondence desk


You Sinned against the Fourth Commandment


Re: Protestants Can Receive Communion at Mass, Says Catholic Theologians

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, whose present-day president is a Cardinal appointed by Pope Francis, reaffirmed that Protestants cannot communicate because they do not believe in Catholic doctrine in a response to the German Bishops, who, in their national Synod said that they would like to give Communion freely to Protestants.

Why does the text omit mention of this document, which came out last week, and still says that the initiative of giving Holy Communion to Protestants is of the Pope? This is a character maligning of the worst kind and a sin against the Fourth Commandment.


TIA responds:


You are quite quick to attack and quite imprecise in your arguments. In fact:
  • You accused Dr. Marian Horvat of omitting a CDF document issued in late September, implying that she is either ignorant or in bad faith.

  • You accused her of baselessly concluding that Pope Francis possibly approved the fact that Fr. David Knight is preaching that Communion can be given to Protestants in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • You concluded that because of these alleged errors, she has a malevolent spirit and committed a sin against the Fourth Commandment, which orders us to honor our parents.
  1. You did not notice that the original article written by Dr. Horvat was dated July 29, 2020, and therefore, she could not have known about a document issued in September 2020.

  2. You mentioned neither the name of the Cardinal Prefect of the CDF nor the date of the document to which you referred, nor the precise text that forbids giving Communion to Protestants. Such lack of precision shows that you did not make a careful reading of it before your rapid-fire attack, but based yourself on hearsay.

  3. You ignored the fact that Dr. Marian did not directly attack Pope Francis, but just presented a possible objection of some conservatives who could argue that the Jesuit priest's teaching that Communion can be given to Protestants would be "another brazen initiative inspired by Francis."

  4. In fact, she could have spoken much more boldly than she did, because on two different occasions Pope Francis opened the door for Communion to be given to Protestants:

    1. When visiting a Lutheran temple in Rome on November 15, 2015, he was asked whether a Protestant spouse of a Catholic man could receive Communion at Mass. Stressing the role of personal discernment, he said: “There are questions that only if one is sincere with oneself and the little theological light one has, must be responded to on one’s own.” (read the news report here)

      This episode was generally interpreted as opening the door for Protestants to receive Communion at Catholic Masses;

    2. On January 17, 2016, Pope Francis received a delegation of Lutheran bishops from Finland and make these remarks: “Your dialogue is making promising progress towards a shared understanding, on the sacramental level, of Church, Eucharist and Ministry. These steps forward, made together, lay a solid basis for a growing communion of life in faith and spirituality, as your relations develop in a spirit of serene discussion and fraternal sharing.”

      The delegation left the meeting and was given a tour of the Vatican Basilica. Not by coincidence, a Mass was being said there and the Celebrant offered Communion to the Protestants. Some of them received It. (full report here)

      This incident was interpreted as an arrangement made by Francis to open a precedent for giving Communion to Protestants.

    These two episodes concur to show that Pope Francis is opening the door for Catholic Bishops and priests to give Communion to Protestants. Nothing is more correct than to say that he is inspiring such actions, as Dr. Horvat affirmed.

  5. In your message you considered that what comes from a Roman Congregation such as the CDF represents the thinking of the Pope on this topic. You are wrong. On both the occasions mentioned above, Vatican Cardinals and Bishops opposed Protestants receiving Communion. These precedents signify that there are different orientations on this topic coming from the Vatican.

    Unfortunately, this divergence is not a novelty; similar opposition between Pope Francis and officials of the Roman Curia has occurred before.

    Some examples of controversial doors he opened, among many other, include his virtual approval of homosexuality, of Communion for divorced and remarried persons, and of premarital sexual activity.

  6. In conclusion we see that:
    1. You ignored the reality of what is happening in the Church, where Pope Francis is opening doors for many errors and moral vices through gestures and ambiguous statements.

    2. You also did not consider that even as Francis does this, some Church officials maintain the appearances of holding the doctrinal positions of the past. The case of Communion for Protestants is just one of them.

    3. You did not check the original date of the article you criticized.

    4. In face of these erroneous presuppositions, your accusation that Dr. Horvat is committing a sin against the Fourth Commandment for indirectly criticizing the Pope is nothing but a grumpy manifestation of superficiality and immaturity that we hope will not be present in your future objections.

     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 8, 2020

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