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Ginsburg, Communist Goals & Canterbury

Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg


A few gems of RBG’s accomplished agenda for the USA:
  • Legalization of the killing of newborns;

  • Decriminalization of prostitution;

  • Drafting women into combat;

  • Legalization of sex from 12 years of age and up;

  • Integration of sexes in prisons;

  • Elimination of boys + girls Scouts;

  • Establishment of homosexual “marriage;”

  • Adoption of sex-neutral language;

  • Elimination of the Mann Act to encourage minor female trafficking for prostitution;

  • Elimination of the traditional family concept.
Yes indeed, Ruth was a just a sweet little grandmother with cyanide in her veins.



Masks Rejected around the World

Dear TIA,

Finally, people are fed up with masks and are going into the streets. Below there is a compilation of public manifestations in cities around the world. These cities are successively:

Madrid, Spain; Dublin, Ireland; Auckland, New Zeland; London, England; Zurich, Switzerland; Belgrade, Serbia; Thessaloniki, Greece; Rome, Italy; Montreal, Canada; Paris, France.

Watch the video here.

May God free us from this tyranny soon.

     In Jesus and Mary,



Testing Vaccines


This photo makes a lot of sense.


Testing vaccines


Communist Goals from 1963

Dear TIA,

I found the attached paper in some things that I had kept of Dad's and thought you might find it of interest.

It is amazing how many have already been accomplished and how many are happening right now.

     God protect us.


Communist Goals 1963

For a larger copy click here


The Spires of Canterbury


I remember seeing the spires of Canterbury in 1976 as I hitchhiked into London for the first time.

I had gotten a ride on Hover Loid at Calais after extending my stay in Europe from singing with CSUN on the Continent.

I'd never been to England before so my hosts, a young Doctor and a young analyst, Oliver and Clive, dropped me in a field 35 miles outside of London. I gave them all my French money in a pub and they divided it up like pirates.

When I saw the film Becket I remembered how Richard Burton had said that giving away his things was "rather easy, like going on Holliday," hence the title. We give away something when we travel to a shrine. I remember graces of various kinds coming to me when I used to go off on a lark visiting a shrine like a knight on pilgrimage.

Spires of Canterbury

The Spires of Canterbury

I saw the spires of Canterbury when I was just a lad,
Watching o’er my wandering in the travels that I had.
And so I’d come to yearn for where a lamb had laid his head
Where I could just put to rest those passions I had fled.

I vowed that I would come to see where Thomas had been laid,
Near history's unspoken shame that every man had made,
And sit beside his rest beneath the sacred hallowed vault
Where echoes of his agony were pardoning my faults.

Just like on a holiday I gave up all my gold
To rest within the precincts where his stories have been told.
O Thomas, since your innocence did lead to your demise,
Vouchsafe to me some passage there where goodness still abides.

     Patrick Fealy


Visiting Knock


Today I was in Knock. It is the feast of the Archangels.

As I entered the grounds of the shrine I saw a group of young parents with their excited children. I guessed they were Polish. The children ran around by the gable wall chapel where the statuary of the vision is displayed. It is certain that the children neither knew what was in the minds and hearts of their searching parents, nor did they have a very deep understanding of what their surroundings signified. Children are like that.

What is certain is this: the children played in the presence of a secret which, on the surface, was easily accessible to their senses. But that secret was like an onion. Many layered. Nor does it need a voice. That is why it remains silent… yet calls.

The chapel itself was dedicated to St. John the Baptist to whose father the Angel Gabriel appeared with his promise. His calling? To smooth the path of the Lord. What voice is needed to realize this?

Apart from the Central figure of Our Lady. . . to whom the Angel Gabriel appeared. . . we have the notably, unusual figures of St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist. What might be the unspoken significance of these two figures?

The Angel Gabriel appeared to Joseph and reassured him that he had a very important and necessary calling. He was to protect Mary during her pregnancy and the early years of Jesus' childhood. He was there before the birth of Jesus and during his youth. A very necessary role for a man, a father, even a foster-father.

St. John (the disciple whom Jesus especially loved) was called to be the protector of Mary in her old age after the judicial murder of Jesus. He was called by someone higher than all angels from the Cross… the greatest symbol of love.

So, the secret, apparently hidden in a veil of silence, can be revealed to all, at least in part. It is a message for the men of Ireland and the world: protect and respect women. That is your calling, your vocation.

In addition, there is much more to contemplate. St. John wrote, not only the Gospel, but Revelations… concerning the beginning and end, where the Archangel Michael defeated Satan and his legions and Mary crushed the head of the serpent . . . all in the same moment of God's eternity.

All is accomplished.

The angels surround the throne of the Lamb and sing praises… and Mary, and her protectors point the Way.

A good thought to have on the feast of Ss Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. May the Church be healed.

And, one more layer! St John not only wrote two important books of the New Testament, but he also taught St Polycarp, who knew him, and whose writings we have. He in turn taught Ignatius of Antioch and so on, establishing the firmest proof and links with the foundation of the Church.

Time to loudly proclaim Church teaching as true, and a threat only to the willfully wicked.

We all have a right to choose , but better to choose the very best.

     Best wishes, be not afraid.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 1, 2020

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