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Human 2.0, Police & Divine Mercy Chaplet

The Coming Human 2.0


I recommend that you watch this video by Dr. Carrie Modej. She gives the detailed data we need to know to understand what has been prepared to impose on all of us with the new Covid-19 vaccine.

It is happening now. The plan should be implemented within the next few months, via Gates' donations to Moderna, Inovio, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, CureVac, the CDC.

Current animal trials reveal that the vaccine causes severe reactions in EVERY subject!

This technology "can selectively eliminate an entire species from the earth" without them even knowing it.

The 20-minute video can be watched here.

     Best regards.



Do We Have the Right to Refuse a Vaccine?


The interesting debate between Robert Kennedy and Alan Dershowitz lets us know to what point we can refuse a State vaccination.

Although there is no vaccine right now that has efficiently extirpated Covid-19, it is important to know our rights so that when the government comes, we can resist.

Facts about the debate and an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola can be read here.


Honoring Our Law Enforcement Heroes

Dear TIA,

Since you, your audience and I support the police against today's communist/democrat attempt to defund it in order to close it down, I thought your audience would like to watch this short video by Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee. She honors our law enforcement institutions and gives them due recognition.

We all owe them much gratitude.

     Keep up the good work.



King St. Louis


Re: St. Louis

Let me share with you my enthusiasm and some additional data regarding this great day, August 25, the day of St. Louis, King of France.

St. Louis IX of France was the son of King Louis VIII and Blanche of Castile, born on April 25, 1215. When he was just 11 years old, he was made king. Louis had 11 children, and led an exemplary life of virtue and prayer. His mother had often said, “I would rather see you dead at my feet than guilty of a mortal sin,” and Louis took those words to heart.

As king, he was an avid lover of justice, and took great steps to make sure the country’s justice system worked properly. All of 13th century Christian Europe viewed him as their international judge.

Louis was also known for his charity, saying, “The peace and blessings of the realm come to us through the poor.” He fed beggars at his table and ate their leftovers. He washed their feet and ministered to the wounds of lepers. Every day, he fed over 100 poor and needy people.

Louis was responsible for the establishment of many great architectural marvels, including the Sainte Chappelle, which he commissioned as a reliquary for the Crown of Thorns. He was a patron of the College de la Sorbonne, and founded many hospitals and houses for the poor.

On August 25, 1270, St. Louis died of the plague.

Viva Sanctam Ecclesiam Catholicam!

I am honored and love being a member of the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church!

     Catholic by grace! Catholic by faith!'



Divine Mercy Chaplet

Dear TIA,

The article on Rap Nuns has confirmed what I experienced with the Association of Marian Helpers in Stockbridge, MA.

Just a backdrop before mentioning the response from the National Shrine of Divine Mercy.

A few years ago, a person I know texted me, she's Protestant, and all her family... her granddaughter died of a heroin overdose the week before. A few minutes later, a friend called and asked to pray together the Divine Mercy Chaplet for this person's granddaughter. I prayed with her and she stated, "She's ok now." I mentioned that she already passed away without any conversion, non-Catholic, and had Satanic tattoos and died of a heroin overdose.

My friend reminded me, "God can do anything and we need to trust in His Mercy." I felt overwhelmed. I know God is beyond our limited understanding and His love is perfect. Still, I needed clarity on the chaplet as it pertained to this unfortunate terrible situation of the young woman who died.

I called the Association of Marian Helpers and stated that I needed to ask a question on the Mercy Chaplet.

I asked if a non-Christian who lived a sinful life and suddenly died of a drug overdose could be saved by praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

The answer: Yes!

I was Very distraught. My heart was rapidly beating. All my understanding of Catholicism, Baptism, Repentance and Penance, Forgiveness etc...was now being questioned.

I then asked to be transferred to a theologian. I then heard a man, who sounded like a priest, on the phone.

I was told that "God is not in time and space and that "past, present and future is all happening at once with God.6, I understood that as a Catholic.

I said, "Yet we humans are in time and space. We must be in a state of grace to enter Heaven."

I was corrected again by the gentleman on the phone. I was told God's mercy is not Limited.

I then said, what you are implying is that if I pray the Chaplet for Hitler and Judas Iscariot, somehow God will accept the Divine Mercy prayers for their salvation?

Again, I was reminded that God is not limited and that the Chaplet is for all even those who died already, no matter their circumstances.

Ever since this happened to me a few years ago, I have been very uneasy about the Divine Mercy devotion. I looked up information to help me. I found this article from the Lepanto Institute: In Defense of the Divine Mercy Devotion - The Lepanto Institute

I also saw articles saying to stay away from it. I would appreciate any information Traditional in Action can offer on this Devotion.

Thank you for all your good work and faithful commitment to Holy Mother Church!

     In J+M+J,


TIA responds:

Dear E.M.,

Thank you for your kind words and confidence in recounting your disturbing experience to us.

We at TIA have also been suspicious of the Divine Mercy devotion, which includes its chaplet.

When Msgr. Perez at Our Lady Help of Christians chapel in Garden Grove, CA, preached a sermon warning his parishioners against it, we asked him if we could publish it. He agreed, and you can find it here.

Sometime later, the Lepanto Institute website posted the refutation you mentioned of the article by Msgr. Perez by Michael Hichborn. Br. Theodore Roriz retorted to Hichborn as you may read here. The latter has remained quiet to this date…

If you put the words "Divine Mercy" into our Search engine, you will find other articles and letters from readers on this topic, which may help you.

We hope that reading Br. Roriz' triumphant treplica will confirm your healthy doubts about this devotion that received so much support from the last three progressivist Popes.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 27, 2020

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