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American Socialism, Nazism & Guillotines

Safe Place

Dear TIA,

It should be apparent that Vatican II is a colossal sink hole and that any one driving into it is either blind or suicidal. This applies to the Vatican II hierarchy, Popes and clergy, who engineered this catastrophe.

Therefore remaining pre-Vatican II is the only safe place to be to avail of God's protection.

     Let us keep in touch.



The United States of Socialism


I think you will find this interview of D'Souza of interest and enjoyable.

He clarifies and simplifies many things happening today we need to be aware of.

It is a 30-minute long video, but worth every minute.

Link is here.


Right Premise, Wrong Conclusion

Dear TIA,

Funny, one cardinal gets it right, but for the wrong reason. See here.

He says COVID-19 is a man-made virus (true) because God is not a punisher (false) Throughout History God has punished sin and evil, starting with Adam and Eve.

What a mixed up Church...

Almost funny, but just too sad to think how wrong they have it.



Necessary Caution

Dear Tradition in Action, Inc.,

I refer to your news article of this section Bird’s Eye View of the News by Atila Sinke Guimarães, dated 27th February 2008 currently posted on your website.

I too share many of your concerns regarding the Novus Ordo Mass. You may be aware of a book written by twelve cardinals in 1962 under the pseudonym of Maurice Pinay, in which it is stated that had Catholics known then what we know now, the Second Vatican Council would have floundered in its first year?

That said, while broadly sharing your concerns, I might question some of the finer detail. In particular, I am surprised at your description of the Tablet newspaper as "serious." The only paper I know by that title published in London, in my understanding, expresses anything but authentic Catholic thinking.

It may be that the occasional "gem" has appeared therein but if asked, I would advise great caution before reading.

     With my prayers and thanks,


The Editor responds:

Dear J.B.,

Thank you for your message. I am glad to know that we have similar concerns regarding the situation of the Church.

Yes, we have the book The Plot against the Church by Maurice Pinay. We have always heard that that book was authored by 12 priests. You say that they were 12 Cardinals; this is news to us. Actually, there is no point of dispute since no one can know for sure because  they were anonymous authors.

The Tablet of London has a long history since its foundation in 1840. Shortly after its start it was a very well-oriented Catholic journal that aligned with the Catholics who, at the time of Council Vatican I, defended Papal Infallibility against Liberal Catholics such as John Henry Newman.

Then, in the 1930s it became a progressivist journal and, basically, follows this orientation to this day.

When we at TIA mention that it is a "serious" journal, we are not implying that it follows a good orientation; we want to say that its information is objective.

Since we are counter-revolutionaries, we normally follow what our enemies are doing so that we can know what they think and counter-attack. So, it is common for us to read the most progressivist sources. One of them is The Tablet.

We try to do it with caution, as you suggested. But there can never be too much caution. Thus, we thank you for your counsel.


     Atila S. Guimarães


Source on Article on Nazism


Re: Is Nazism a Movement of the Left or the Right?

I found this extremely interesting article on your website, and I have been trying to track down the references mentioned here:

"The Dutch Catholic paper Maasbode (October 19, 1936) denounced Nazism as a forerunner of Communism because it destroyed the people’s authentic characteristics and transformed them into a mass. It published a letter from the German minister Joseph Goebbels – taken from the official paper of the Nazi Party, Voelkische Beobachter – to the Communist leader of Moscow at the time, which we reproduce here. Goebbels affirmed:

“We attack one another without being true enemies. Doing so, we are scattering our forces without attaining our goals. It can be that necessity will make us merge. It can well be so! We, the youth, will shape the destiny of the future generations. Let us not forget it. Greetings.”

"The Maasbode article correctly adds that Nazism did not attack Communism as such, but only as its political opponent in the German elections. On the international level Nazism attacked Russia not for ideological reasons, but moved by a mere conflict of interests."

I searched all over the internet, but I can't find either the Dutch paper or the Nazi article they quoted.

     Thank you for your help.


TIA responds:


Thank you for your comments.

Hugh O'Reilly based his piece on an article in Portuguese published in 1962 in the Brazilian periodical Catolicismo.

We have the hard copy of this paper and can forward a photocopy of the mentioned article to you if you or one of your acquaintances reads Portuguese.

We also tried to find that issue of Catolicismo on the Internet so that you could read it with a Google automatic translation to Englsih, but were not successful.

Regarding the periodical Maasbode, you may contact the Library of Congress; if its archives has the collection of that journal, you can ask for a microfilm of the mentioned article on Nazism in that issue (October 19, 1936).

We wish you fruitful research.


     TIA correspondence desk


Guillotines Are for Real

Dear TIA,

This is in response to a reader's question regarding the truth about guillotines on US soil. There are many sites which include eyewitness accounts of seeing shackles welded into boxcars, Guillotines and testimony from former CIA agents.

Below are more concrete sites that document executive orders that will enable mass genocide and imprisonments, as well as an example of legislation for use of beheading and FEMA coding on death certificates. I had seen the government purchase proposal for the guillotines online before, but was unable to locate it, it may have been removed.

I was always curious about Apocalypse 20:4 and “all those beheaded for the testimony of Jesus”....

Please click here, here, here, here and here.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 28, 2020

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